Contemporary calligraphy exhibition underway at NAMOC

Development of the Chinese calligraphy can’t be separated from studying the techniques of the predecessors, and divert from the principles of the art. Only by sticking to the basis of heritage, can calligraphy be innovative. This is the message from the invitation to the annual exhibition of contemporary calligraphy, currently underway at the National Art Museum of China.

The exhibition is held on the principle of showcasing the calligraphy heritage. It aims to recognize the classical art. But that's not all. Organizers also intend to promote prosperity and development of the contemporary calligraphy.

51 representative calligraphers from across the country were nominated to take part in the show. They were asked to reproduce and create various works.

The show has five parts—seal characters, official scripts, regular scripts, running scripts as well as cursive scripts, enabling audience to feel the authenticity and evolution of the Chinese calligraphy.

These artworks stimulate people’s love for the beauty of these characters, while manifest the charm of the Chinese traditional culture.

The exhibition is running until March 8th.

Calligraphy is regarded as the ultimate in expressive arts in China. It has a long and revered history, and yet it is being continuously reinvented.

Contemporary calligraphy exhibition underway at NAMOC


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