Calligraphy exhibition “Soul Geometry” in Ufa

Soul Geometry is the title of the exhibition recently opened in the Miras gallery in Ufa, Baskortostan, as part of the international art festival «Art of Islam».

The exposition presents the works of two Bashkir artists, Aydar Gareyev and Jamil Ahmetgaliyev. Both artists specialize in calligraphy, the art of fine writing dating back to ancient times. Arabic calligraphy has deep religious roots, and its main theme is praising Allah. So the artist must start his work only with heavenly thoughts.

Aydar Gareyev mainly uses sunnas in his works, and Jamil Ahmetgaliyev bases his works on Islamic poetry and paroemnia. The exposition features graphic works and paintings as well as samails.

Calligraphy exhibition “Soul Geometry” in Ufa


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