Volgograd holds a contest of Cyrillic calligraphy for the eighth time

Twenty school students of Volgograd took part in a free-will contest on writing finesse. The calligraphy contest titled The Beauty and Wealth of the Russian Alphabet is held in the city for the eighth time.

Over two hours the school students wrote down a fragment of the Volgograd-based author Boris Yekimov. At first the contest participants make a pencil graft of the text and then ink the letters with the ink pen. The jury takes into account the cleanliness, absence of blots and erasures.

The contest participants who have already had a similar experience say that the trick is to understand the structure and the spirit of the text and to draw the letters in accordance with its nature. “I really like calligraphy. I like trying various types and scripts. I enjoy it”, says a calligraphy contest participant Yekaterina Negovorina.

The calligraphy contest is a part of a comprehensive cultural programme dedicated to the memory of Oleg Trubachyov, author of over a hundred works on the development of Slavic languages and how they were influenced by Indo-Aryan languages.

Source: www.otr-online.ru

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