Tyumen is search of its best calligraphers

The “Copybook Maxims” contest of Russian calligraphy is held in Tyumen within the framework of the winter festival of popular culture “Slavyansky Bazaar 2016”. Everyone can participate, regardless of age. Preliminary results will be drawn on the Day of Handwriting (January 23rd), and the final results will be announced during the Slavyansky Bazaar festival at the beginning of February.

The contest’s goal is to find and encourage those who apply to calligraphy to reflect the beauty and the imagery of the Russian language. Participants are to put down and arrange popular Russian quotations: proverbs, sayings, catch phrases about Russia, Russian land and Russian people. There are two nominations: “Folk wisdom in Russian proverbs” and “Russia kindly spoken”. There are also two categories: amateurs and professionals. The participants should write down the text they’ve chosen in a beautiful way and with all the orthographic and punctuation rules observed. They may use any instruments and mediums they like: ink, pencil, watercolour, gouache, pastel, China ink – on an A4 sheet of paper in book layout.

Submitted works will be judged by the calligrapher, professor of Tyumen State Institute of Culture, member of the Union of Russian Designers Nikolay Makarov; member of the Union of Russian Artists, master of hand weaving Olga Kozlovskaya; calligraphy teacher, student of Russia’s best calligraphers Yelena Guschina; restoration artist and art historian Natalya Kospolova and librarian of secondary school №4 Tatyana Klykova.

Tyumen is search of its best calligraphers

Source: www.vsluh.ru

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