The first in Russia!

The one and only in Russia Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy dedicated to the art o fine writing is located in Sokolniki Park, in one of the pavilions of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre. The beautiful nature of the old Moscow park helps bring the right peaceful mood and sets one’s mind for the contemplation of calligraphy masterpieces. From the very beginning visitors are enveloped in the special atmosphere of the world of calligraphy: exquisite samples of Slavic and European writing, sophisticated works of Hebrew and Arabic schools of calligraphy, classic Japanese and old Chinese hieroglyphics.

It is not unusual that after visiting the museum many get inspired with the works of contemporary calligraphers and express their ardent desire to try their hand in this art. If you feel such a desire, the doors of the National School of Calligraphy that works within the Museum are always open. Students of the School master the skills of fine handwriting and discover a new way of self expression. Their example proves that the art of calligraphy has not been forgotten for good in our age of digital communication.

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