Calligraphers congratulate the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy on the New Year!

It has become a good tradition for the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy to receive congratulations on the New Year from calligraphers participating in the International Exhibition of Calligraphy project.

Congratulations on the New Year of 2016 are coming from different countries and different continents.

Katharina Pieper (Germany), Brim Gungaugur (the USA), Erika Vincze, and Gennady Matsur (Belarus) have already congratulated the project.

We are glad to offer all art lovers to enjoy the beauty of the received congratulations.

Happy New Year!

Author – Gungaugur Brim

Author – Gennady Matsur

Author – Jaime de Albarracin

Author – Nikolai Makarov

Author – Dmitry Petrovsky

Author – Erika Vincze

Author – Katharina Pieper

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