The World Calligraphy Museum

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While visiting events at Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, don’t miss a chance to get in touch with the art world: neighboring the exhibition complex is a unique museum dedicated to the art of fine writing: the World Calligraphy Museum.

Calligraphy is very diverse in its forms: school penmanship; ancient manuscripts; flourished captions in a 19-century family album; ornate custom wedding invitations; mysterious Chinese hieroglyphs and Arabic ligatured script – all these are aspects of calligraphy.

The World Calligraphy Museum is one place where you can see all these aspects of the ancient art of fine writing: works of Oriental and Western, sacred and secular, decorative and applied calligraphy created by renowned masters of contemporary calligraphy comprise the unique collection of the Museum.

And for those who wish to go further and try their hand at calligraphy there is the National School of Fine Writing operating within the Museum, where professional calligraphy teachers will help both children and adults master various calligraphy styles and apply them to practice.

It is widely acknowledged that watching as much as practicing calligraphy help organize one’s thoughts, achieve inner peace and harmony.

Come to the World Calligraphy Museum in Sokolniki – allow yourself to experience some beauty and harmony in this busy world!

The Contemporary Museum of CalligraphyThe Contemporary Museum of CalligraphyThe Contemporary Museum of CalligraphyThe Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

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The World Calligraphy Museum:
Тел.: 8 (495) 728-77-58