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How to reach us?

On foot

The Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is located in the like-named park, just a 5 minute walk from Sokolniki subway. The way from the park entrance to the pavilions of the Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre takes about 15 minutes, during which you can actually enjoy the beautiful views of the park.

Entrance to park is free.

Free shuttle

A free shuttle bus from Sokolniki metro station to Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre can be organized during the event period upon the organizer’s request.

For private vehicles

Vehicle entrance for visitors, exhibitors, and organizers of exhibitions and other events at the Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is to be done via 3rd Luchevoy Prosek. The entrance policy is regulated by: Orders issued by the Sokolniki Park for Leisure and Recreation and by the Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

The cashier at the entrance is equipped with a terminal for payment by bank cards. 

Useful information

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is not far from the City Centre, so it is easy to get here by subway and on ground transport.

Also, on the right you can see the underground map that will ease your way to us. Tourists and visitors will appreciate the very useful information providing telephone numbers of airports and train stations.


      Bus Timetable:

 From metro

From Exhibition Centre
10:30 11:00
11:30 12:00
12:30 13:00
13:30 14:00
14:30 15:00
15:30 16:00
16:30 17:00
17:30 18:00
18:30 19:00
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