For handicapped people

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre strives to match its high status as an international site. Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is known to be a certified member of the Global Association of Exhibition Industry – UFI. That’s why we do not forget about a comfortable stay in the territory of the center for all our visitors, including handicapped people.

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre has convenient access. Free shuttles run from Sokolniki subway to Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre during any exhibition period in Moscow. Ample parking places have parking spaces for disabled people. There are a lot of places where you can relax — the benches near the flower arrangements and fountains, and cafes. The Centre provides an elaborate system of reporting on the newest equipment for people with disabilities — from installations to go up a ladder to the specially equipped booths in the restrooms.

Special tours of the exhibition and museum displays of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre are held for handicapped people.

We appreciate all of our guests and take care of their convenience!

In case of any questions regarding special equipment, services provided or needed, our exhibitions and conventions, or tours around our Centre please, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

In addition, you have an opportunity to order a special tour around the Contemporary museum of calligraphy.

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We strive to make Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre convenient for everybody!


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Denis Babchenko

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