Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre in Moscow is the perfect venue for spectacular unforgettable weddings. It is not only a wide range of services that we can offer to make your wedding celebration the best.

The main advantage of our site is the special beauty and harmony, which can be felt only when you’re outdoors. Fresh air, the smell of herbs and flowers, birds singing will emphasize the beauty of your wedding celebrations and will give the real atmosphere of fairy tales! Considering that this beautiful oasis of green spaces is in the city center, our area can truly be considered the most unique halls for weddings in Moscow.

The main advantages of our rooms:

  • Location in one of the most beautiful places of Moscow
  • Capacity of rooms: from 30 to 3000 people
  • Free parking for 500 cars
  • Convenient access roads to any of the pavilions
  • Territory of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is guarded 24 hours a day

Our services will help make your celebration extremely enjoyable and pleasant:

  • Our design service in pavilions will be sensitive to the atmosphere, which is necessary for you.
  • A traditional holiday dinner, ethnic cuisine or exotic dishes, virtuosos of the catering service are up to everything.

The most ambitious plan can be skillfully implemented by our team

The naturalness and elegance are the basic principles when decorating a wedding celebration

One of the skills of our catering service is to serve the table in tune with the style of the event

Night Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is especially beautiful, each pavilion has a backlight

The opportunity to visit and have a photo session in one of the most beautiful museums of Moscow is a special gift to the newlyweds

The spacious halls of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre are created in order to arrange perfect balls

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Alexey Kharyutkin

Alexey Kharyutkin

Deputy Director General of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre
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