Photo and Video Services

Informative, beautiful photos of your event or dynamic film is not only a great way to hold onto the past events for many years. It is also a way to show others the success of your event, its specialness and significance.

These photographic and video materials can be used in the future to promote your project or just to bring about positive emotions, and to raise memories.

Photo Services:

Candid shot of the event:
the first two hours — 6,000 rubles;
each additional hour — 1,500 rubles.

The cost includes not only photography, but also image processing — colour correction, if necessary framing and retouching.

Upon the customer’s request, photographs can be mounted in a clip, priced at 5,000 rubles (5-7 minutes).

Other photo services: An art portrait, collective photo, art photography in Sokolniki Park and Museum and Educational Centre, and Still-Life. The cost depends on the shooting complexity and duration, and for each case it is determined individually.

Video services:

Video shooting of the events:
the first two hours — 10,000 rubles;
each additional hour — 2,000 rubles.

Within video editing, we can offer such services as colour correction, background music, voice imaging, simple graphic design and titling.

The editing cost depends on the time of the editor’s work.
Semi-shift (up to 4 hours) — 4,000 rubles;
Shift (up to 8 hours) — 7,000 rubles.

Photos and videos are recorded on DVD-discs. Also, the customer can get the “raw” video material on tapes.

Prices include VAT.


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