Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre provides cargo handling services, that includes loading-unloading works (taking goods off a truck, delivery to the booth and back), installation and dismantling of exhibition equipment (taking off the pallet, moving to the stand), processing of container (delivery from the stand to a warehouse, storage for the duration of the exhibition, delivery from warehouse to the booth).

Our equipment:

Loader lifting capacity 1,5 tons (Toyota)

Length of Pitchforks - 0.92 m.

Lift of Pitchforks - 3.0 m.

Loader lifting capacity 3,5 tons (Toyota)

Length of Pitchforks - 2.2 m.

Lift of Pitchforks - 3.2 m.

Loader lifting capacity 5 tons (Nissan)

Length of Pitchforks - 2.4 m.

Lift of Pitchforks - 3.2 m.

Crane lifting capacity 25 tons (Ulyanovets)

Boom length from 2.3 m to 19 m.

Order to use the loader or crane shall be filed no later than seven working days before the planned date.

Advertising and Additional Services Department

Alexey Kharyutkin

Alexey Kharyutkin

Deputy Director General of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre
+7 916 353 2109
Alexey Kharyutkin Mon - Fri 9.00 am - 06.00 pm