Our organizers

Moskau Messe. Exhibitions and Conferences, LLC

Moskau Messe Company (Moscow Fair) is the founder and organizer of the exhibition and conference business in Russia. Joint Soviet-German company was founded in 1989. First exhibitions Moskau Messe began to carry out in the current Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Among the projects held in Sokolniki:

  • The International Exhibition of Calligraphy
  • EXTREMEX Festival (Extreme World Expo Show)
  • Equiros Equestrian Exhibition
  • WAN Expo / Festival of pregnant women+ Festival of infants


MVK (International Exhibition Company) is one of top-10 Russia’s organisers of trade exhibitions and conferences that ensure easy access to Russian regional markets in key industry sectors.  

The following MVK’s exhibitions are held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre:

  • Cabex (cables, wires and accessories)
  • VacuumTechExpo
  • GasSUF
  • WASMA.

ArchimedExpo LLC

Since 1998, "ArchimedExpo" has organized and held the world's largest forum — Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies Archimedes, which includes an exhibition of inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, utility models, conferences,University of the inventor, venture fairs, competitions, presentations of national projects and technologies of industrially advanced countries.

Samsung Electronics Rus Company, LLC

Samsung Group is one of the largest industrial concerns in South Korea, founded in 1938. The world market knows it as a great manufacturer of high-tech components, telecommunication equipment, and household appliances, audio and video devices.

The company holds annually World Cyber Games Championship in Sokolniki.

Business Dialogue, LLC

Business Dialogue Company was formed by the merger of the conference directions of the three companies, RZD-Partner, 1520 Strategic Partnership and TransBazis, and specializes in organizing and holding events in the rail industry.

The company holds Transport Week, including the largest and the major business and cultural events of the field in Sokolniki.

Groteck Company, LLC

Groteck is a leading Russian B2B publishing company professionally specialized in telecommunications, IT, TV and radio broadcasting, construction, oil and gas. Groteck publishing house issues more than 30 periodicals. Groteck is a well-known organizer of professional seminars, conferences and forums, as well as the founder of the first Russian National Industry Safety Award, ZUBR.

Info Security and All over IP are the two projects, held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre by the company.


ADMT Association of Distributors of Musical Technologies, LLC is an organizer of Music Moscow exhibition. It is the largest exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries and the fourth largest one in the world of exhibitions, representing musical instruments, professional sound, light, radio and cinema equipment, studio and stage technology.

Deutsche Messe RUS (the subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG)

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre sight a partnership agreement with Deutsche Messe RUS company, the subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG.

Deutsche Messe AG is one of the world's leading exhibition operators, which annually organizes more than 100 events all around the globe. These events attract some 36,000 companies and 3 million specialists. Deutsche Messe AG is the organizer for Hannover Messe, the main industrial world exhibition, and for CeBIT, the world’s largest exhibition in the field of informatics and telecommunications.

Deutsche Messe RUS company was established in 2011. The core competence is the organization of b2b events.


INVA EXPO, LLC organizes the only Russian professional exhibition for handicapped people – Rehabilitation. Available environs. The exhibition is held by the Directorate for Construction and Innovation National Paralympic Projects of the RF Paralympic Committee in the context of the signing by Russia the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The exhibition of this scale is held in Russia for the first time with the support of the legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation and regions, as well as International Paralympic Committee.


ARTIS Expo is an organizer of the largest Russian professional zoo industrial exhibition – ParkZoo.
The exhibition is held in November.

Pokrovsky Centre

Pokrovsky Centre organizes popular Moscow fairs and exhibitions such as Blade, Holy Week, Christmas gift, and By the covenant of Daniil the Duke.

Blade exhibition is held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Fancywork Formula

Craft Formula is a young company (was established on January 11, 2009), which creates and develops media projects (magazines, web-sites and events) for consumers and professionals interested in various kinds of needlework.

The like-named exhibition is held twice a year in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.


Sony Corporation is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan and the USA, appeared in Japan in 1946. Today, Sony Corporation is one of the desks that make up the Sony Group holding.

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre became the excellent venue for presentations and press-conferences held by Sony Corporation.

ORTO All-Russian Dance Organization

All-Russian Dance Organization is the largest one in sports and modern choreography. Russia is developing the structure of 34 different dance genres and styles. Among them: the hip-hop, disco, dance show, break-dance, electric boogie, Oriental, step dance, tango, salsa, merengue, rueda, swing, blues, hustle, disco-fox, acrobatic dance, ballet, Folk dance, jazz, modern, disco show, Street show, synchronized dance, Indian dance, flamenco, techno, country, tvirling, majorettes, Nordic tango, bachata, buggy, and others.

International Dance Olympiad is held annually in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Russian Kennel Union

Russian Kennel Union is an organizer of the largest kennel exhibitions and competitions in Russia.

The International dog exhibition is held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Fashion Messe PIRmasens, GmbH

Fashion Messe PIRmasens, GmbH is an organizer of EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION – the great demonstration of European shoe BRANDS from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, France, Finland and Switzerland. The exhibition is held twice a year: the end of February and the end of August. EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION demonstrates the tendency of slow alteration Russian consumers' preference aside more expensive and qualitative footwear from Europe.

ROSINEX Exhibition Society

The ROSINEX Exhibition Society has been working on the Russian market since 1995, and today, it is one of the leading companies in the Russian exhibition industry. During this time the company has gained considerable experience in organizing and conducting international exhibitions and conventions in Russia and abroad.

The wedding world and graduation ball exhibition is held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre by The ROSINEX Exhibition Society.

Action-press, LLC

Action-press, LLC is the publisher of the weekly Accounting. Taxes. Law newspaper, and the organizer of the like-named conference held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

The Young Guard of the United Russia party

The leading Russian public political alliance, The Young Guard of the United Russia political party, brings together young people with an active lifestyle and supports the idea of the United Russia party.

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre became a platform for holding conferences of the Young Guard of the United Russia party.

Just Russia political party

Just Russia party is a center-left political party in Russia, sticking to an ideology of social democracy.

It was created on October 28, 2006 through the merger of the Motherland Party, the Russian Party of Life and the Russian Party of Pensioners. The main base was the former structure of the Russian Party of Life. In 2008, at its 15th Congress, the Russian Ecological Party «The Greens», the former ally of the Russian Party of Life, also joined Just Russia party, and later the Socialist Unity Party of Russia also joined the party.

At various times the party has held congresses and other events in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Russian Pump Manufactures Association (RPMA)

The Russian Pump Manufacturers Association (RPMA) was established in 1991 to promote pump manufacture development and protect the interests of Russian pump manufacturers. The key objective of RPMA is to unite and coordinate the efforts of its members and of all operators on the pump market along the following key lines: the technological level and methodology, standardization, marketing, publications and public relations. Today RPMA unites over 60 enterprises of Russia, Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine. Since 1992, it has been a member of the European Pump Manufacturers Association (Europump), which is very important to us in the era of world economic globalization.

The Russian Pump Manufacturers Association held the conference in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Messe Frankfurt

The Russian subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH has been operating in the Russian market from 2002. As one of the world's largest trade fair organizers, more than 100 Меssе Frankfurt events take place at over 30 locations around the world every year.

Starting with 2014 Мessе Frankfurt hosts large exhibitions dedicated to music on the premises of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre:

  • NAMM Musikmesse Russia
  • Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia, the 3rd International Exhibition of Stage and Studio Equipment, Event Installations, Technologies, and Services

Smile-Expo LLC

The Smile Expo company is an organizer of the largest industry shows (exhibitions, conferences, workshops and webinars), which contribute to the development of information technology and electronic communications, including:

  • 3D Print Expo
  • MATE-2014
  • SNCE-2014
  • Russian Gaming Week’ Moscow
  • Make it! Show
  • RACE
  • iDate expo
  • Robotics – Expo


OJSC ExpoNAT hosts MCA Expo, the exhibition for all who are interested in the art of cinema and a wide range of equipment, technologies and services for movie-making on the premises of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Jewelry Vernisage, LLC

Jewellery Vernisage, a professional exhibition and sale of jewellery, which unites the best of the best of the jewellery world, connoisseurs of original style, exclusivity, and effect, takes place four times a year in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.


Since 1992 projects organized by RDV-Media Publishing House take the top positions in the market of print and electronic media relating to employment, education, leisure and recreation. Rabota Dlya Vas, newspaper for vacancies and Rabota.ru, online portal on employment are the leading products of the publishing house.

Starting with 2013 RDV-Media Publishing House hosts A Day of Career Guidance in Moscow on the premises of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

Retrograd LTD

There is also an exhibition of retro cars and technical antiques Old-Timer Gallery held in the territory of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre. The unique show organized by Retrograd LTD teleports you into the good old days of times long gone featuring hundreds of curious technical inventions, long forgotten funny contraptions, and awesome designer solutions.

Hobby World, LLC

Hobby World is a major Russian publishing house specializing in publishing and distributing board games of the following categories: games for children, family games, party games, strategies, military games and collector’s card games.


The Zooshow exhibition started out in Saint Petersburg. Today it is an annual event bringing together cynologists and felinologists, terrariophiles, aquarists, and other pet enthusiasts. In 2015 the exhibition was held for the first time in Moscow. Plans for the future are to bring the event to new venues.


Oborot.ru was established in 2001 with the aim of providing help to businesses in effectively using the Internet to their benefit. Using its own resources and subcontractors, the company provides a wide range of services for getting your business online and organizing efficient Internet sales. The company is the owner of the Obrot.ru project, which is Russia’s largest platform for retail e-commerce and is also the organizer of the annual eCommerce conference.


RTE-Group has been in the exhibition industry since 1995. Today it operates three offices employing professional and creative teams.

The Velo Park exhibition is held in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre by RTE-Group.

The Coffee and Tea in Russia magazine

The magazine “Coffee and Tea in Russia”, published since 1997, is the only professional publication on coffee and tea markets in Russia and other CIS countries. The magazine covers the most significant and essential industry news, research articles, analytical reviews, statistics, and opinions of leading coffee and tea experts.

Every year the company holds numerous events, including business-oriented “Coffee&Tea Russian Expo” exhibition and the tasty fair “Coffee and Tea” aimed at consumers.

Exhibition Company ExpoDesign LLC

"Expodesign" is one of the largest Moscow exhibition companies that has operated since 1996. "Expodesign" is a member of the following associations:

- UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry,

- The Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs,

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

- Exhibition Organizations Guild of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow

"Expodesign", which has vast experience in organizing and holding both public, international, and specialized industry exhibitions, will hold one of the most anticipated events of spring and autumn, for all country life enthusiasts in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre – "Fazenda" trade show, which will gather over a hundred leading manufacturers from Russia and CIS countries, and over 20000 visitors. 

The Valencia Transregional Association of Felinological Clubs

Valencia, founded in 1989, is an officially registered association of all breed cat fans, which unites breeders, offices and clubs across Russia, and a member of the World Cat Federation (WCF). The Association engages various breeds, stock breeding winners of both Russian and international competitions.

In Sokolniki Valencia holds a variety of cat shows. 

Sofia Exhibition Company, LLC

Sofiya LLC has been holding an Orthodox trade fair dubbed Zvon Kolokolov in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre since 2014. The event features Orthodox monasteries and churches in Russia and other countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, USA), which offer their produce to the Moscow audience. 

Stavros, LLC

Exhibition company Stavros has been established by the Moscow Patriarchy to revitalize the activity of Orthodox trade fairs. As a young and ambitious Stavros’ team undertook the challenge, currently Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre sees Stavros holding the Orthodox festival dubbed ARTOS several times a year – a combination of an Orthodox exhibition and an eventful cultural agenda. 


RBS EXPO LLC holds a trade fair dubbed Belarus-Russia in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre. The event demonstrates a mutually beneficial cooperation between the two kin countries, underpinned by well established and age long connections, and thousands of cooperative links between national enterprises. 

Vystavochny Servis LLC

The company organizes and holds the largest exhibition in the Russian sport industry, aimed to promote healthy living – the international exhibition titled Sport. The said event proved as a unique professional platform to discuss industry development roadmaps, and united both local and international providers of sport goods and services, as well as representatives of sport businesses and authorities. 

Autonomous Non-profit Organization League of School and Street Sport

The League of School and Street Sport has been established in 2011 with an aim to host sport competitions, develop school teams leagues and provide physical education and sport related services as an efficient tool to promote healthy living, educate, prevent drug and alcohol addictions and smoking in children, teens and youth. The event held in Sokolniki by the League is FITEXPO Moscow International Fitness Festival. 

Di Ar Events, LLC

An organizer of international active recreation and professional sport equipment exhibitions. The company has been holding Motowinter international exhibition for active recreation equipment in Sokolniki since holding the 1st instance of it back in 2015. A sequel of the successful project that commenced in 2015, Motospring, is also held on the same venue. 

SportB2B GC

As a part of the Sport exhibition, SportB2B Group holds an annual business forum and the Ice Industry exhibition in Sokolniki. The guest of honour list features representatives of the Russian Ministry of Sport, ROC, Moscow City Department for the Physical Education and Sport, Sport-Engineering, chairmen of sport committees across Russia, and management of the Kontinental Hockey League and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. 


The first ever academic project aimed to promote knowledgeable pet care. In Sokolniki DOG Profi holds various educational conferences for dog and cat breeders, which let pet industry representatives enjoy friendly and relaxed environment to dialogue with breeders, handlers and groomers, and exchange crucial information for business development and promotion. 


GfK is a reliable source of relevant market and consumer information, covering 100 countries globally. Every day over 13,000 experts in GfK apply their long-term marketing research experience.

In Russia, and namely in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, GfK looks into consumer behaviour and sales in the largest sectors of the consumer market – FMCG, car business, retail, consumer appliances and electronics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, finance, insurance and much more. 

Kantar TNS

Kantar TNS (TNS MITS ZAO) is one of the leaders in the Russian research market. Established in 1989, the company has run the gamut from a minor research agency to a large company, a part of the Kantar international research holding and WPP advertising and communications group.

In Russia Kantar TNS provides a full range of customer marketing research. 


READYTORACE LLC organizes and holds all sorts of car and association exhibitions in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, including Drift Expo, Auto Tuning Show and Zhiguli At All Times exhibition. 

The Factory of Christmas Tree Decorations Museum

The New Year Tree Decoration Factory Museum organizes the same name project for children, preceding the New Year holidays. The project aims to uncover one of the most exciting and truly magical technologies, a process to make a glass New Year tree decoration. One can not only know more, but also see the process with their own eyes, and even try to make their own popular souvenir, a New Year ball. 


A diverse group of companies focusing on exhibition and conference activities. 

The team of ITB Group can boast over 10 years of experience in holding international exhibitions and conferences, primarily for transport and logistics industry. 

In Sokolniki ITB Company Group holds an international trade fair dubbed Eurasia-Expo: Dialogue of Cultures. 


The company organizes and holds SN PRO EXPO FORUM in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, covering nearly all areas of sport and healthy living industry on this festival exhibition: popular wellness, sport nutrition, equipment, apparel, footwear and gear, products and accessories for sport and fitness, new sport technologies and services. 

Bolshaya Russkaya Kompaniya LLC

BRK LLC develops large mass events (festivals and exhibitions) focusing on sport. In Sokolniki the organizer holds the annual multisport international festival dubbed SARYCHEV POWER EXPO. 

Moscow Club of Cat Amateurs

The club has been established in 1987, affiliated with the Nature Conservation Society of Moscow. Currently it operates according to the guidelines of international felinological organizations and serves as an active member of the World Cat Federation (WCF). The club cooperates with international cat clubs, holding international cat shows and providing advice for buying kittens abroad and processing export documentation. In Sokolniki it holds cat shows dubbed Cat Salon. 

FAUNA Cat Club

The club focuses on breeding (as opposed to reproduction) of various breeds, including some well known names, such as British Shorthair, Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Siberian and Neva Masquerade, as well as rare breeds – Maine Coon, Bobtail, Canadian Sphinx, Burmese, Cornish Rex and many more. In Sokolniki the club holds frequented cat shows. 

Sozvezdiye Cat Club

Sozvezdie is the oldest club in Moscow with its history dating back to 27 years, which incorporates many sub-clubs from all across Russia. In Sokolniki Sozvezdie holds the National Cat Show. 

Biznes Otvet LLC

In Sokolniki the company holds business meetings Biznes Molodost BM (Business Youth) that enable young adults forge their paths and find niches, i.e. a favourite and profitable occupation. The club helps its participants grip entrepreneurship skills in positive and friendly environment.

Newcomers share their experience on building the businesses from scratch and undergo trainings with experienced mentors to become successful businessmen. The business trainings help each and everyone discover something new and exciting to make their lives better. 

All-Russian Social Movement "Volontery Pobedy"

The Pan-Russian Volunteer Corps of the 70th Victory Anniversary has been established in 2015 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victory. Volunteers of the Victory, the pan-Russian social cause, supported by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, has come as its successor. The cause focuses on supporting veterans, improvement of memory sites and military cemeteries, volunteering support of the Victory parades and the Immortal Regiment social march, Russian historical quests and events. In 2017 Sokolniki held RISK, the finals of the Russian Intellectual Games League. 

Factory of Marketing LLC

A full cycle marketing research agency, established in 2007. The company’s mission is to provide high quality services in marketing research and consulting. In Sokolniki the company runs marketing researches. 


Ipsos Comcon is a member of international Ipsos Group, the 3rd largest market research company in volume globally, with offices in 87 countries. Globally the company employs over 16,000 talents, researching in more than 100 countries. In Sokolniki the company runs marketing researches.

Athletic Expo LLC together with regional public organization Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of Moscow

In Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre the company holds ATHLETICS EXPO – a grand spring event for sport and healthy living industry, as well as the Moscow Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup.

The Aboriginal Expo Tour Company

The company organizes and holds an international trade fair dubbed The Treasures of the North. Craftsmen and Artists of Russia. The exhibit features original works by craftsmen and artists, Northern green products, a diverse show programme by indigenous peoples of the North, ethnic fashion shows, tastings of the national cuisine and many more exciting events.

Rusgortrans LLC

Since 2009 in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre the company has been holding a specialized exhibition dubbed ElektroTrans, under the auspices of industry and transport associations, public organizations, federal and municipal authorities. Its exhibit and business agenda appeals to managers and officers of public transport companies, municipal representatives, federal executive and legislative authorities, project organization experts and suppliers of carrying equipment, products and services for e-transport. 

Ural Exhibitions

Ural Exhibitions today is a team of professionals. They have been topping the list as a company with the largest number of realized projects, number of participants, attendance rate and exhibition area. Every year the company’s marketing analysts record only positive dynamics. Ural Exhibitions have been organizing orthodox exhibitions, bringing the orthodox belief to both believers and non-believers.