Oldtimer-Gallery exhibition launches in less than one month

Between March 7th and 11th, 2018 Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre will hold the 27th exhibition of vintage cars and antiques – the Oldtimer-Gallery. The total area of two exhibit halls and outdoor areas will excess 10 000 sqm. The exhibition has been a recurring event since 2002, every time featuring some special topic – its exhibits never repeat and pose headline premiers, sensations or surprises. 

This March a special exhibit will focus on the 100th anniversary of the USSR fire-fighting service to put some unique pieces on display, such as the first ever fire trucks produced in the Soviet Russia – AMO-F15 “Promet”, PMG-1, PMZ-1 and PMZ-2. A unique mobile fire tank based on YAG-6 chassis is the only one preserved today. Fire trucks of the post-war era are of interest in their own fashion – it fell to their lot to put out the biggest fires in the 20th century: the incidents in the Rossiya (1977) and the Leningrad hotels (1991). 

Some fire trucks look familiar as seen on the screens – such as pre-war PMZ-1 and PMG-1 in Grigory Alexandrov’s “Volga-Volga” responding with ear-piercing horns and bell clams, or the ALG-17 fire motor ladder featured in Eldar Ryazanov’s “Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia”, which let Andrey Mironov climb to the roof of Zhiguli as they both drove. 

The 1920s are represented with foreign fire truck brands that Soviet firemen used or could use back in the days. These include some renowned names, such as Cadillac refitted for fire fighting, or specialized vehicles – Seagrave, REO, Dennis or American LaFrance. 

The anniversary exhibit of fire trucks at Oldtimer-Gallery will gather virtually all fire fighting vehicles, preserved in the Central Russia, under one roof, while the pieces that didn’t make it will be seen at a photography exhibition titled The Fire-Fighting Type, which will unveil rare and unique archived images. Another reflection of the national fire-fighting cars’ history will appear in a retrospective of Pozharnoe Delo magazines covering the period between the 1920s and 1960s, and a unique collection of fire safety posters. 

Mannequins in fire-fighting coveralls, aged helmets, ancient manual pumps, fire extinguishers, tools and other items, carefully preserved by collectors and museums, will let you imagine life and daily graft of the firemen. Stage performances will feature a real historically uniformed brass brand and young members of public fire-fighting squads. 

Another anniversary to celebrate at Oldtimer-Gallery is Chevrolet Corvette’s, one of the iconic American sport cars. Corvette is a phenomenon of the American car industry: the model presented in 1953 for the first time is still being produced today, having evolved through seven generations over 65 years. Each generation will be shown in the anniversary exhibit presented by Valery Shumsky, a collector and philanthropist from Minsk. 

The most renowned Soviet and Russian car magazine – Za Rulem – will also celebrate its 90-year anniversary. The first issues appeared back in 1928, therefore the anniversary stand will see, arguably, the rarest passenger car – the compact NAMI-1 that made itself an avatar of hopes and aspirations for motorization of the then young Soviet country.   

Simonov Motors restoration shop will present Moskvich-415C, which promises to come as a great boom for Oldtimer-Gallery. The vehicle born as an in-house development of the Moscow compact cars plant in late 1950s, had it made it to the mass production, could well have got all the credits of a simple and enduring off-roader. Yet, those were later attributed to Niva. The only ever assembled test version of 415C will be revealed after many years of obscurity. 

The rarest representatives of the Soviet car industry will sit side by side with some well known names, such as Volga, Chayka, Pobeda, Moskvich and Zhiguli. The cars that drove around the streets not too long ago, are now the automobile classic, desired by many collectors. The stand of Pobeda, A. Shamara’s Association of Protection of the USSR Transport Legacy will come as an exotic museum of Soviet cars to track down the history of the national car industry. 

Traditionally the Russian restoration shops will present their projects – this time Vidnoe Eko and Starye Motory are expected to have the most prominent stands. These two, focusing on the American 1920s-1930s cars, will send in a 1933 Buick, a 1940 Cadillac and a 1928 Studebaker. One more exhibit – a 1934 Packard – is now undergoing the final stage of its restoration to be ready when the exhibition goes live. 

Oldtimer-Gallery will impress all ages – while the older generation will nostalgically recall the cars of their childhood, the youngsters will discover more about the car past, and children will have fun solving entertaining quests. A stand with children foot-powered cars will come no less appealing, and those unwilling to say goodbye to retro will have an opportunity to order some real historical tailored apparel. 

Traditionally the event will house an antiques corner and a flea market to rummage through aeruginous ancient items, such as car souvenirs, mechanical toys and various auto sport regalia, rare cards, pictures and posters, shabby logos and much more of what the English-speaking world calls “automobilia”. This arguably most busy area of the exhibition will offer clothing items dating back to early last century and accessories to it too. Just like gambling, flea market always involves a search, a bit of luck and a prize – sometimes you can find a true masterpiece for next to nothing. 

The key retro car event of the year – Oldtimer-Gallery – will only run for five days, between March 7th and 11th, 2018. 

Oldtimer-Gallery exhibition launches in less than one month
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