Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is looking forward to opening in early April, 2021

Official replies from the Department of Culture and the Moscow City Health Department

Currently, the premises of the Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre are reassigned to the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "Inozemtsev City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow City Department of Healthcare" and the State Budgetary Institution "Moscow City Rehabilitation Center" to use for medical purposes (to hospitalize patients with COVID-19 coronavirus infection) until March 31, 2021.

The management of the Sokolniki Museum and Educational Center understands the decision of the Moscow Government to convert the pavilions and offices of Sokolniki Center into a hospital for coronavirus patients and looks forward to the day when the epidemiological situation is stable enough for the pavilions to no longer be needed as the hospital bed reserve. That will mean that Sokolniki can once again open jobs, bring back its unique creative team, and return to its museum and educational activities and exhibitions.

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