Exhibition Centres in Moscow

Moscow sees a plethora of dedicated exhibitions attended by millions every year. The most popular and capacious centres in the capital are Sokolniki, Krokus Expo, Expocentre and VDNH, and below you can find features and advantages of each of the 4 exhibition centres in Moscow. 

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre 

Sokolniki is one of the most demanded exhibition centres in Moscow, admitting hundreds of events annually. The exhibition centre is a member of UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. Sokolniki is visited by company managers who attend dedicated exhibitions and conferences, businessmen, industry professionals, students, young parents with their children and many more. The facility, located near the same name metro station in the premises of the picturesque Sokolniki park, includes the following:

  • 10 exhibit halls
  • 27 300 sqm. of indoor space
  • 17 000 sqm. of outdoor space suitable for mobile exhibit halls
  • 7 conference rooms capable to admit from 100 to 7000 

Initial exhibition areas have been erected in 1959 to hold the well-known American National Exhibition. Expansion continued in the 1960s as Sokolniki held international industry exhibitions. The 2000s saw a restoration of existing halls and more new facilities built. Today Sokolniki offers a venue to hold events of any scale, from a small meeting or conference to a grand international exhibition. 

Krokus Expo 

Krokus Expo is a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and provides appropriate venues to hold large-scale international events attended by up to 10 million every year: 

  • 366 100 sqm. of indoor space;
  • 219 000 sqm. of outdoor space;
  • 19 exhibit halls and 49 conference rooms. 


This venue holds about 100 international exhibitions and welcomes 2 million professionals annually. In 2019 Expocentre will celebrate a milestone date of its 60th anniversary. 

Capacity of the centre is as follows: 

  • 105 000 sqm. of indoor space;
  • 60 000 sqm. of outdoor space;
  • 9 advanced exhibit halls. 

Expocentre is located within walking distance from the Moscow City and nearby historic centre, encouraging its visitors to combine business goals with pleasant strolls. 


VDNH is the oldest exhibition facility in Russia, which holds both guest and own events. Exhibitions at VDNH put on display the latest achievements in various industries, from medicine to agriculture.

In 2016 VDNH has commenced a restoration project designed to turn it into the main exhibition facility in Russia with a view to expand attendance up to 40 million guests a year.