Zhiguli At All Times

Zhiguli At All Times

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
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On November 9-10, hall 2 of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will host a car and automobile culture exhibition dubbed Zhiguli At All Times! More than 100 Zhiguli cars at one venue.

The main goal of the event is to promote the Zhiguli culture, unite young people with common interests and provide a platform for their interaction, and popularize car culture for the masses. 

The third interest style event will grant a plethora of unforgettable experiences and emotions, socialization with interesting people, and a great deal of gifts and presents from the exhibition’s friends and partners. 

This is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn more about your favorite cars, share your knowledge and experience with others. Zhiguli At All Times is about people, cars, authorized service and repair shops, community, favorite clothing brands, and many more. 

The event will also see car owners compete in the following categories:

  • The most powerful car
  • The lowest car
  • The widest rims
  • The best style
  • The best racing car
  • Restoration 

The agenda includes meetings with insightful and unique guests, important and educational events, prize giveaways, themed photo areas, and a selection of platforms with your favorite brands!

Besides, you will have a chanсe to leave on a Zhiguli car which has been prepared. For more information please visit vk.com.

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