24 International Exhibition and Sale "Craft Formula Moscow. Autumn 2020»

24 International Exhibition and Sale "Craft Formula Moscow. Autumn 2020»

Fancywork Formula
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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01/10 - 03/10 — from 10:00 till 19:00
04/10 — from 10:00 till 17:00

We regret to inform that the event will not be held on the scheduled dates.

Craft Formula is the largest event in Russia dedicated to needlework and creative hobbies. More than 600 participants will present their products in a 9,000 square meter space. You will see all levels of the Russian needlework industry - from large manufacturing companies to small workshops and private designers. 

Autumn is the beginning of the season, and at this autumn exhibition guests will find the latest new products that have just appeared on the Russian market for hobby goods. Creative materials, large companies, publishing houses and stores will be represented at pavilion Number 4, while Pavilion 4.1 will mostly represent private artists, creative studios and online stores, as well as a food court. 

“The Formula of Needlework" is a huge assortment. At the exhibition, you can find materials for any hobby related to needlework. Sewing, knitting, embroidery, Floristics, decoupage and decor, soap making, toy making – and much more! If you think that you have already seen and know everything, just come to the "Formula of needlework" exhibition! 

- All about needlework in Russia! Thanks to the scale of the exhibition, you can see what the needlework industry is now, in order to identify the promising areas in the market. You can also observe the trends of the season, understand the needs of consumers, and build a development strategy. 

- The latest and most interesting news! The craft market is actively evolving, and all participants are constantly thinking of something new in order to please and surprise needlewomen. New embroidery kits, new techniques, materials, tools, and even new types of needlework! 

- Communication and inspiration.

There are not only stores among the participants, but also creative studios, training centers and masters of the trade, who are able to share their experience. And, of course, the most extensive program of master classes for children and adults! 

-New friends and useful contacts. At "The Formula of Needlework" you can not only evaluate other participants of the handcraft market, but also find new partners and new sales markets, communicate with colleagues in an informal setting, and watch the professional growth of your favorite artists. And for private designers, this is an opportunity to establish a cooperation with large holdings and companies. 

But people don't just come to “The Formula of Needlework" exhibition for shopping! Guests will find a rich program of events, exhibitions, master classes, creative meetings, and many other things. 

At the VI festival "Contemporary Felt" in pavilion number 4.1, you will see hundreds of bright and unusual works made by Russian designers – including fashionable clothes and shoes, bright accessories, unusual interior items, gifts and souvenirs. 

A special project "Formula Denim" is dedicated to jeans! You will be convinced that jeans are not just clothes –  they are a page of history and a lifestyle! 

Other equally interesting projects are under development: author and thematic exhibitions, competitions, meetings with famous designers, bloggers, representatives craft industries, original photo zones, etc. 

The Playground for master classes at the exhibition "The Formula of Needlework" is always very popular with visitors. There, from morning till evening, up to 20 classes are being held at once!

In total, more than 300 master classes on a variety of techniques are held during the exhibition, for experienced and beginners, for children and adults. The class schedule will be posted on the website on the eve of the exhibition, and at the exhibition itself you can find it in a special free booklet – or on posters in the master class area. And special zones of children's master classes are waiting for their little masters. 

In pavilion number 4.1, the special project " Delicious handmade" will be operating. There, exhibition goers will find a food court, which always delights guests with interesting and unusual dishes of world cuisine. There are also stands where you can find natural honey, fresh spices, jams, teas and herbs, author's sweets and ecological products! 

Cooking lovers will also find dishes and accessories for the kitchen.

The guests of the exhibition will also have an opportunity to participate in charity events and master classes within the framework of the "Garden of good acts" project. After all, creativity is what makes our world better and more kind!

Come to the "Formula of the Needlework" exhibition and discover the secrets of the perfect hobby!

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