Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
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The Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities

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MVK - International Exhibition Company
The part of the ITE Group

Subjects of the exhibition & forum are closely connected with environmental, economic, technical and social issues, which the majority of the industrially developed countries have to face with. These issues include collection, forwarding, storage, reprocessing and recycling of industrial and residual waste.


1. Waste management. General issues:
1.1 Collection, storage, transportation, processing;
1.2 Packaging for waste storage and transportation;
1.3 Waste disposal at general-purpose areas. Soil rehabilitation.
1.4 Metrological maintenance;
1.5 Waste management economy. Legislative maintenance;
1.6 International activity.Social aspects.
1.7 Housing and public utilities.

2. Processing of industrial waste:

2.1 Ferrous and non-ferrous industry;
2.2 Chemical and petrochemical industry;
2.3 Construction and related materials industry;
2.4 Machine building & automotive industry;
2.5 Woodworking, pulp and paper industry;
2.6 Agriculture and food industry;
2.7 Polymeric waste.

3. Waste management. Special approach:
3.1 Resource conserving, ecologically sound systems;
3.2 Waste minimization, non-waste technologies, national and regional experience in waste management, based on clean production and consumption;
3.3 Transport and other complex machines, including military outdated vehicles.

4. Selective collection.

5. Recycling (mechanical, physical and chemical, biological, thermal and combined methods).
6. Packaging waste recycling.

7. Technologies and equipment for waste processing:

7.1 Machines and mechanisms;
7.2 Automation, monitoring and control;
7.3 Mounting, operation, repair and materials.

8. Systems and technologies for water treatment:

8.1 Sewage crearing;
8.2 Sludge processing;
8.3 Cleaning of Aquatic surfaces and coastal zones;
8.4 Disinfection.

9. Aerial effluents and preventive measures on air pollution, air purification.

10. Energy production, based on waste utilization.
11. Products made out of recycled materials.
12. Associations and professional unions.

Business program:
Conferences, seminars, presentations.
All participants of the forum are awarded with certificates.

Organizing Committee:

Exhibition Director: Smirnova Maria 
Tel./fax: +7 495 925 3419, 995 0595, ext. 417 
E-mail: sma@mvk.ru

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