Gingerbreads – Toys – Robots Trade exhibition

Gingerbreads – Toys – Robots Trade exhibition

T.A. Grigoroshenko, IE, Mall4all, LLC, BAL ROBOTOV
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1

Exhibition hours: from 12:30 to 22:00

About the project:

You are welcome to the Gingerbread Town! This sweet fairytale has it all: many houses, churches, mills, a little forest, pond and a station with a running train…

It is always New Year’s Eve here. Everybody will get caught up in these festive streets covered with sweet, sparkling snow and the glowing caramel windows, and the smell of spices.

You can simply feast your eyes upon our houses, or pick up a piece of this fairytale with you; but it’s better to create your own house by taking part in a master class.

All gingerbreads are cooked with high quality products without additives according to the classical ancient recipe. Gingerbreads are kept being for a long time eventually becoming even more flavoursome because they include a lot of honey.

Educational Toys. Our strategy is to select toys which lead to the development of imagination, children's motor skills, coordination, dexterity and attention. The Roys toys add to a simple game the element of learning and developing, both for growing children and little babies. The main objective of interesting and unusual toys is to prepare new generations for the rapidly developing age of digital technologies, to teach children to think, imagine, dream, and respond quickly to a variety of life situations.

We also have stylish LED items on offer to complement your interior and bring a home-like atmosphere.

Ball Robotov, LLC is getting ready to host the ROBOELKA AT SOKOLNIKI, the main sci-fi Christmas tree of the country!

New Year’s Eve mixture of electricity and magic!


T.A. Grigoroshenko, IE,
Tel.: +7 (968) 779 3261

Mall4all, LLC
Ludmila: + 7 (926) 529 0645
Vitaliy: + 7 (903) 671 1818

Ball Robotov, LLC
Anna, Natalia
Tel.: +7 (925) 878 0342

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