Craft Formula. The New Year

Exhibition and sale «Craft Formula Moscow. Winter 2020»

Fancywork Formula
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4
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11/12 - 12/12 — from 10:00 till 19:00
13/12 — from 10:00 till 17:00


New year holiday is the most creative time of the year! Even those people, who have not picked up a pair of scissors or a needle for a hundred years, remember about needlework. And if you need the ideas-then there is  " Formula of the needlework" exhibition for this action!  Our slogan is    "Everything for a festive mood!".

The main topic of the winter exhibition is "the constellation of desires". People have long believed, that a star can fulfill a cherished dream, and the upcoming new year holidays are the time to dream and to fulfill someone else's dreams!  And "Formula of needlework" exhibition is for those people, who love to fulfill their dreams with their own hands, to share light feelings and love in every stitch, in every  tied loop or a sewn bead!

The winter  exhibition "Formula of the needlework" is a New year holiday at each stand! You can buy the most beautiful and original gifts or learn, how to make them with your own hands! You will also find a wide variety of creative materials, as well as a lot of inspiration and new ideas for the most magical holiday.

More than 450 participating companies will be gathered in one pavilion: stores, creative workshops, online stores, designers and craftsmen, and publishing houses, training centers, that will present ready-made author's works and materials for Christmas decorations, books, and a lot of things for various types of needlework. 

At the exhibition you will see:

- gifts for your favorite holiday:  clothing, warm winter accessories (hats, mittens, bags, and more),  the interior decorations (new year's and not only!), the most unusual Christmas toys, author's jewelry, natural cosmetics – and many more unusual gifts. 

- the materials for your hobby –  the most beautiful and unusual materials for creativity and needlework, that are united by the theme of the New year holiday. For the beginners and professionals, for children and adults! 

- new ideas for creativity - many guests  go through the exhibition with the idea "I can do it myself too". If you cope with it that will be fine! Get a boost of inspiration  and use it in your own creativity. At each stand, you will find a friendly, festive atmosphere, detailed consultations - and a lot of fresh ideas for the decoration for your favorite holiday.

More than 200 different master classes on various types of needlework will be held on the creative platform of the club "Formula of the needlework". Master classes will be organized on a special Playground by the "Clear sky" charity Foundation. Also within framework of our ongoing project "the Garden of the kind actions" the Fund will collect gifts for children from orphanages. You will be able to take part  in a win-win charity lottery and get a small new year's gift as a keepsake. And the "Format-M "Publishing house will hold free master classes for children and adults. 

New year is not only the most cozy, but also the most delicious holiday! The special project "Delicious handmade" is not only a food court, where you can expand your culinary horizons, but also a number of stands, where you will find chocolate, natural teas and herbal preparations, lavender meringue, gingerbread, natural honey, author's sweets and ecological  products for the new year's table! And in addition-accessories for the kitchen – for example, author's forms for gingerbread, shapes and shaped rolling pins for baking, and many other things.

On the main stage, you will see performances by creative teams, fashion shows, the defile, contests and prize drawings from the participants of the exhibition. 

The new year's exhibition has  already had its own tradition: "Carnival parade"! It will be held on the 13th of December  on the main stage of pavilion number 4. Come in fancy dress, best of all-the whole family! Please, prepare a performance (dance, song, poetry) and all participants will gain wonderful gifts.

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