"Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" exhibition

"Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" exhibition

the Sokolniki Museum-Educational Complex , The association of Private Museums, Modern Museum of Calligraphy
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1
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07/09 — from 11:00 till 19:00
08/09 — from 10:00 till 18:00


"Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" exhibition is Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center’s new exhibition project. More than 100 private museums located in Russia will be brought together for the first time to display their exhibits and demonstrate the richness and variety of their unique and educational collections, exploring history, culture, and art.

"Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" exhibition will be a unique opportunity:

- to represent your museum in Moscow and show its valuable exhibits to a wide audience,  

- to attract more visitors — from tourists to arts and culture lovers,

- to enable Muscovites and tourists alike to experience the arts and crafts of different regions of Russia during the City Day celebrations,

- to meet with fellow founders and owners of other private museums,

- to attend lectures by outstanding speakers from China, UK, etc.,

- to learn about the successful management of private and public museums,

- to exchange experience and discuss the topics of concern to private museums located in different regions of Russia,

- to find answers to your legal and financial questions, as well as questions on tourism,

- to participate in the business program of the exhibition, acquaint the audience with the unique exhibits which can be found at your museum, including those in storage, and voice the problems and issues faced by your museum (three museums will be chosen on a competitive basis to make a presentation),

- to enrich the exhibition program and promote the cultural values of your museum among the wider public.

Exhibition layout (exhibit hall 4.1):

А-4101  Military Museum of Karelian Isthmus, Vyborg

A-4102 Museum of Soviet Toys “Lenovo”, Arkhangelsk region, Pakhotinskaya village

A-4103 Gzhelskie Remesla (Gzhel Crafts), Moscow region, Ramenki district

А-4104  Vyatskoe Historical and Cultural Complex, Yaroslavl

А-4107  Museum of Copper and Latten Brass, Kirzhach, Vladimir region

A-4108 Museum of Russian Dessert, Moscow region, Zvenigorod

A-4109 Museum of Soap, Shuya

B-4101 Museum of Dulyovo Porcelain, Likino-Dulyovo

В-4105 The Ritual’s Masks and figures of the World, Moscow

B-4107 Peter Toy Museum, Kostroma

B-4108 Valery Rubtsov Cinema Museum, Novgorod 

B-4109 Museum of Toys and Handcrafting, Krasnoyarsk

B-4111 Mini Museum of Russian Folklore Dress, Moscow

В-4112 Rainbow of Gemstones, Buryatia

B-4113 Zabavushka Museum, Moscow

B-4114 Ogni Moskvy (The Lights of Moscow) Museum, Moscow

В-4115 The Russian Alphabet and Written Language Museum, Belokurikha, the Altay region

В-4116 Chirskaya Krynitsa, Museum-Reserve of Native Studies and Ethnography, Pskov, Pskov region

С-4101 The Archers’ Chambers, Moscow

C-4102 Museum of Vyatka Samovar, Kirov

С-4103 Pakha Tere Museum, the Republic of Chuvashia, Cheboksary district

C-4104 Museum of Romani Culture and Household, Kostroma

С-4106 Museum of Spoon, Vladimir

С-4107 Alexander Nevsky Museum, Saint Petersburg

C-4108 Museum of Goat, Tver

C-4109 Manufacturer Dumnov's House Museum, Vladimir region

С-4110 Moscow Museum of Cats, Moscow

С-4111 Icon Painting Workshop, Borovsk, Kaluga region

С-4121 Sergievskaya Kukhmisterskaya (Sergiev Eating House), Sergiev Posad

C-4122 Museum of the Soviet Childhood, Sergiev Posad

C-4123 Wax Museum, Suzdal, Vladimir region

D-4101 Moscow Museum of Animation, Moscow

D-4103 Museum of Collector Dolls, Orel

D-4104 A Wooden Toy Museum in Lublino, Moscow

D-4106 Zheleznoe Tsarstvo (The Iron Kingdom) Museum, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district

D-4107 Museum of the Battle on the Ice History, Pskov region, Gdov district, rural settlement Samolvovskaya volost, Samolva village

D-4110 Museum Pavilion of the Old Times “Retrosklad”, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

D-4111 Matreshka and a Traditional Toy Museum, Semionov, the Nizhniy Novgorod region

D-4112-4113 Derevnya Psoed Museum (Psoed Village), Leningrad region, Luga district 

D-4114 Dom Samovara (The House of Samovar) Museum Estate, Moscow region, Kolomna

D-4116 Museum of Cheese, Kostroma

D-4121 Museum Collection Amour Breton, Zelenograd

D-4123  Konstantin Vasilyev Museum of Slavonic Culture, Moscow

E-4101-4102 Museum of Iron, Novgorod, Vitoslavitsy village

Е-4103 Valitov Stone Museum. The Republic of Karelia

E-4104 Dvor Poleznykh Zabav “Biryulki” Museum (The Court of Good Jollies “Spillikins”), Voronezh region, Ramon village

E-4105 Paleontological Museum “Panoptikum”, Adygea

E-4106-4108 The Factory of Old Toys, Moscow

E-4109 Baron Munchausen Museum, Moscow

E-4109 Damskoe Schastye (Lady's Fortune) Retro Museum, Moscow

Е-4110 MegaBricks, Moscow

Е-4111 Museum of Balalaika, Ulyanovsk

Е-4112 House of Bulgakov’s Museum-Theater, Moscow

E-4115 La Bogem Artistik Museum, Udmurtia, Izhevsk

Е-4116 The Museum Complex of Tolbukhino, Yaroslavl

F-4101 “Martsenyuk Workshop” Museum, Karelia

F-4102 Museum of Lock, Saint Petersburg

F-4103 Museum of Carpenter Tools, Moscow region, Pushkino

F-4105 Unikalnaya Kalmykia (Unique Kalmykia) Museum, Elista

F-4109 The Fairy-Tale Courtyard Museum, Saint-Petersburg

F-4110 Museum of Dmitrov Frog, Moscow region, Dmitrov

F-4111 “The World of Stone” Museum, Barnaul

F-4112 The Masters Shevelevs’ Museum, Kargopol, the Arkhangelsk region

F-4113 Ural Mineralogical Museum, Yekaterinburg

F-4115  Museum of Enamelling Art “Emalis”

F-4118  Kuznetsov's Museum, Udmurtia

F-4121 The Printing Workshop of Novgorod Museum”, Velikiy Novgorod

F-4122  Ludmila Gurchenko's Museum Workshop, Autonomous Non-Profit Organization, Moscow

G-4101 Irbit Museum of Household, Sverdlovsk region

G-4102 The Russian Clocks Museum, The city of Orel

G-4103 Gingerbread's history Museum. Yaroslavl

G-4104 Na Kexgolskom Napravlenii Museum (Towards Kexholm), Leningrad region

G-4105 Myatiev Bicycle Museum, Zvenigorod

G-4108 Grandmother Mariya’s Hospitable House, The Voronezh region, Ramon district

G-4109 Museum of Condiments, Saint-Petersburg

G-4110 Naval Museum, sole proprietor E. Olenev, Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk

G-4111 Admiral Ushakov's Rybinsk Museum, Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk

G-4112 Historical and Ethnographical Museum of Hunting, Voronezh region, Ramon village

G-4113 Pereslavl Railroad Museum, Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl district

G-4114 Moto-Kovrov Museum of Motorcycles, Vladimir region, Kovrov


from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka


- Ethnic studies

- Military history

- History

- Fine arts

- Folklore history

- Arts and crafts

- Folklore arts

- Political history

- Natural history

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