Eighth charity show – adoption of cats from shelters “Every cat needs a home”

Eighth charity show – adoption of cats from shelters “Every cat needs a home”

non-commercial community of volunteers “People in aid of cats-orphans”
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1
Working hours:
from 11:00 till 18:00

About project:

The show will exhibit for the visitors smooth-haired and bushy, fawning and independent, playful fidgets and armchair slouches, kitten and adult cats; they all dream to have a new house and wait for their families. All the animals are neutered and provided with certificates with required immunization shots.

Every pet may be taken home free of charge. For this purpose, it is required to sign a contract of animal safe keeping and therefore we kindly ask you to have the passport at your disposal. The sponsor of the show, the internet store “Dinozavrik”  is going to offer useful gifts for every cat that leaves the show.  

The show program will comprise a charity fair of author’s souvenirs and decorations, hand made cosmetics, implements for the cats.  The visitors will be offered the possibility to attend a charity lottery. 

In order to help the cats from the shelters you are welcomed to bring for the cats food, medicines, toys, pet carriers, claw sharpeners and other accessories.

The entry to the show is free. For more information about the event or registering among volunteers, please, visit  www.vk.com/cats_go_home2, www.instagram.com/koshki_sirotki, www.facebook.com/helpforcats or contact tel: 8 (926)636-90-32.

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