Vinokur Expo exhibition

Vinokur Expo exhibition

Pavel Alexandrovich Zhazhin, private entrepreneur
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia
Official site:
Working hours:
from 08:00 till 18:00

The event will be held in a mobile pavilion from the left of main entrance to the park.

Vinokur Expo is a key event of the year in the world of homemade beverages! 

The market of equipment for home distilling and related products has practically took shape and reached the phase of maturity. Now it's time to bring the various experience of manufacturing equipment, accessories and related products together, and recap it in the form of a grand distilling festival. 

The event aims to promote contemporary technologies and trends of distilling to the consumer, create a venue for manufacturer's experience exchange, and let regional trade partners establish connections with manufacturers of equipment and related products. 

Vinokur Expo is designed as a place for passionate people to meet, a space for discussions and experience exchange, and, of course, a location where consumer meets manufacturer, and where the business is done. 

The event team are privy to the distilling community, and their primary goal is to arrange a grand celebration for distillers and backers. 

For any questions in regard to participating in the event, format and cost of booths, please feel free to contact the team: 

Phone: +7 985 045-2285


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