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The exhibition key targets are to display a unique advance in vacuum equipment, materials and technologies, to assist in promotion to the market; to establish business contacts, to attract investment and assist in formation and implementation of national and regional programmes in the field of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies.

A busy business programme includes symposiums, conferences, presentations and round table discussions on the application of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies in various industries, industry state overview and development prospects.

Exhibition sections

  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in metallurgy:
    1. Equipment and technologies for:
    2. vacuum induction melting;
    3. vacuum outgassing;
    4. heat processing;
    5. case hardening;
    6. baking;
    7. precision casting;
    8. vacuum arc remelting.
  • Cryovacuum equipment:
    1. high-vacuum cryosorption pumps;
    2. industrial pumps for water vapor pumpage;
    3. cryotraps;
    4. condensate pumps;
    5. coolers;
    6. temperature conditions control.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in nanotechnologies and nanomaterials:
  • Equipment for manufacturing: dry chemicals; membranes; films; volumetric nanostructure materials.
  • Vacuum production means:
    1. motor pumps;
    2. diffusion pumps;
    3. turbomolecular pumps;
    4. dry pumps;
    5. getter pumps;
    6. magnetic electrodischarge pumps;
    7. other types of pumps.
  • Vacuum equipment components:
    1. Vacuum valve:
    2. gates;
    3. bolts;
    4. shutters;
    5. vents;
    6. valves;
  • Vacuum materials:
    1. oils;
    2. rubbers;
    3. dry lubricant coatings;
    4. jointing materials.
  • Vacuum measurement devices:
    1. membranous;
    2. thermocouple;
    3. ionized;
    4. capacitive;
    5. cold cathode;
    6. pyran;
    7. others.
  • Leak testers and minor gas flow measurement:
    1. stationery highly sensitive systems;
    2. portative oil and oil-free leak testers;
    3. micro and mini gas analyzers.
  • Vacuum environment analytical equipment:
    1. large surface analyzers;
    2. mass spectrometers;
    3. electron microscope;
    4. high-vacuum scanning probe microscopes.
  • Sublimate equipment for:
    1. pharmaceutics;
    2. wood working;
    3. food industry.
  • Advanced engineering findings and applied research in engineering and surface modification.
  • Informational systems and software for modeling, analysis and engineering vacuum equipment.
  • Vacuum technologies and equipment in composite physical experiment.
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion installations:
    1. accelerating storage complexes;
    2. space exerciser.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in medicine:
    1. vacuum biomedical technology;
    2. equipment for clinical and experimental medicine.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in chemistry, petroleum chemistry and chemical mechanical engineering:
    1. Equipment for:
    2. molecular distillation (stilling);
    3. vacuum rectification;
    4. heat and freeze dehydration;
    5. vacuum filtration;
    6. vacuum evaporation;
    7. vacuum crystallization.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in electric engineering:
    1. commutation equipment;
    2. vacuum technology and equipment for manufacturing high-voltage insulation;
    3. electro-thermal equipment.

Organizing Committee:
Dmitry Zhukov, MVK Exhibitions Director
Tel.: +7 495 935-8100 ext. 6245

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