International exhibition of vacuum and cryogenic equipment VacuumTechExpo


Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia
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The exhibition key targets are to display unique advance in vacuum equipment, materials and technologies, to assist in promotion to the market; to establish business contacts, to attract investment and assist in formation and implementation of national and regional programs in the field of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies.

A busy business program includes symposiums, conferences, presentations and round table discussions on application of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies in various industries, industry state overview and development prospects.

Exhibition sections

  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in metallurgy:
    1. Equipment and technologies for:
    2. vacuum induction melting;
    3. vacuum outgassing;
    4. heat processing;
    5. case hardening;
    6. baking;
    7. precision casting;
    8. vacuum arc remelting.
  • Cryovacuum equipment:
    1. high-vacuum cryosorption pumps;
    2. industrial pumps for water vapor pumpage;
    3. cryotraps;
    4. condensate pumps;
    5. coolers;
    6. temperature conditions control.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in nanotechnologies and nanomaterials:
    1. Equipment for manufacturing: dry chemicals; membranes; films; volumetric nanostructure materials.
  • Vacuum production means:
    1. motor pumps;
    2. diffusion pumps;
    3. turbomolecular pumps;
    4. dry pumps;
    5. getter pumps;
    6. magnetic electrodischarge pumps;
    7. other types of pumps.
  • Vacuum equipment components:
    1. Vacuum valve:
    2. gates;
    3. bolts;
    4. shutters;
    5. vents;
    6. valves;
    7. Vacuum materials:
    8. oils;
    9. rubbers;
    10. dry lubricant coatings;
    11. jointing materials.
  • Vacuum measurement devices:
    1. membranous;
    2. thermocouple;
    3. ionized;
    4. capacitive;
    5. cold cathode;
    6. pyran;
    7. others.
  • Leak testers and minor gas flow measurement:
    1. stationery highly sensitive systems;
    2. portative oil & oil-free leak testers;
    3. micro and mini gas analyzers.
  • Vacuum environment analytical equipment:
    1. large surface analyzers;
    2. mass spectrometers;
    3. electron microscope;
    4. high-vacuum scanning probe microscopes.
  • Sublimate equipment for:
    1. pharmaceutics;
    2. wood working;
    3. food industry.
  • Advanced engineering findings and applied research in engineering and surface modification.
  • Informational systems and software for modeling, analysis and engineering vacuum equipment.
  • Vacuum technologies and equipment in composite physical experiment.
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion installations:
    1. accelerating storage complexes;
    2. space exerciser.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in medicine:
    1. vacuum biomedical technology;
    2. equipment for clinical and experimental medicine.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in chemistry, petroleum chemistry and chemical mechanical engineering:
    1. Equipment for:
    2. molecular distillation (stilling);
    3. vacuum rectification;
    4. heat and freeze dehydration;
    5. vacuum filtration;
    6. vacuum evaporation;
    7. vacuum crystallization.
  • Vacuum equipment and technologies in electric engineering:
    1. commutation equipment;
    2. vacuum technology and equipment for manufacturing high-voltage insulation;
    3. electro-thermal equipment.

Organizing Committee:
Dmitry Zhukov, MVK Exhibitions Director
Tel.: +7 495 935-8100 ext. 6245

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