The Museum of Tricks and Illusions

The Museum of Tricks and Illusions

The Museum of Tricks and Illusions
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
Official site:
Opening hours:
10AM – 7 PM

Project details:

The Museum of Tricks and Illusions is an interactive exhibition for all ages, featuring optical puzzles and the secrets behind magical tricks.

The collection puts on display over 20 exhibits made by a professional magician, including the Edison Cube, nice Lucy the Ghost, a magical crystal, and much more. Every exhibit is either a trick or an optical illusion that our visitors will have to solve.

The exhibition also features the illusions with disappearing bodies, levitation or broom riding, for the visitors to take part.

Our exhibition is open for and encourages you to touch the exhibits, try things out, take pictures, laugh and marvel!

Tours are provided for all visitors.

The exhibition also includes workshops and magician performances.

For event announcements and ticket details please see the museum's website.

Contact details:

Phone: +7 (958) 631-09-41

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