The  international industrial forum GeoForm+

The international industrial forum GeoForm+

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4
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About the project:
The 7th International exhibition of high technology in the field of geodesy, cartography, geoinformation systems, intellectual transport systems and satellite navigation, engineering geology and geophysics, tunnel construction and underground utilities.

The industrial exhibition unites 4 International specialized sections.

GeoForm+ takes place in Moscow and it is the leading exhibition of high technologies and equipment for creating projects and holding operations in geodesy, geology, cartography, geophysics (enterprise, nuclear, prospective and ecological), global satellite navigation systems, mineralogy and farm boundary adjustment and other related spheres. The latest development in oil geology, geology of earth and ocean, and in the sphere of engineering in building will be represented at the exhibitions.

Existing only four years the International industrial exhibition GeoForm+ has become the place where home and foreign specialists of geophysical navigation technics meet. It is also the place where people are able to exchange their knowledge, to demonstrate the new arrivals and to negotiate new contracts.

Blistering increase of GeoForm+ shows us that the modern market is really keen on the project. It has become the main link of the marketing system and policy of many manufactures. Four exhibitions merge in one place various branches relating to the surface and the bowels of the earth, nature management, geographical resource research and environmental control. GeoForm+ is needed to demonstrate science intensive technologies which have large innovation prospects and following economic prosperity. Participation in the only trade exhibition in Russia is becoming a matter of honour for every company of the sphere.

Exposures of different parts of the world are keen on showing their production and services at the exhibition, because it is the fastest way from the manufacturer to the customer.

According to the survey of 2009, the exhibition is an instrument, which helps to solve a wide range of problems. It helps to find the new products and to make some research in the field of demand and motion. Moreover, GeoForm+ offers a great business programme.

You are welcome to become an exhibitor of the 7th International specialized exhibition GeoForm+'2010!

Organizing Committee:
Dmitry Zhukov, Exhibition Manager
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext.6245
Fax: +7 495 935 8101

Alexandra Doktorova, Exhibition Curator
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext. 6244
Fax: +7 495 935 8101

Olesya Krasnova, Marketing and Advertising Manager
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext.6234
Fax: +7 495 935 8101

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