The first All-Russian Festival of Slime – Slime Fest 2019

The first All-Russian Festival of Slime – Slime Fest 2019

Company “Factory of Creativity”, producer of goods for creativity
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4
Official site:

Slime Fest – is a great holiday for the whole family and slime fun during two days.

The beginner Slimers will take part in the fest too. Slimers will organize master-classes how to create slimes and will share their experience.

Everybody: children of all ages, their parents and teenagers, youth, who wishes to take part in the event – you are welcome!

  • Slimes exhibition from all over the world!
  • Creation of the biggest slime in the world and an application to be addressed to the Guinness Book of Records.
  •  Prizes of 500 000 rubbles and tones of glue!
  • Communication and experience exchange between the Participants and the Guests!
  • A battle of famous Russian slimers for the title of a Super Slimer of the Country!
  • Great Slime-Races for children and their parents!
  • A great Dancing slime – mob 

Organizing Committee telephone number:  +7-908-652-51-77

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