Russian Winter: A Multisystem Cat Show

Russian Winter: A Multisystem Cat Show

TICA (The International Cat Association) Club JetCat, Mysticat (WCF), Kitezh-Felidae (FIFe)
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1
Official site:
Working hours:

09/01 - 10/01 — from 10:00 till 18:00


The show gathers the best cats and kittens of the 3 leading systems. You will have a chance to see 500 cats of 60 various breeds from the most regula to the most exotic. 

The programme features:

-          Monobreed shows

-          American rings

-          European expertise

-          Pet goods

-          Cat goods and souvenirs

-          Kitten sales

Contact information:

Tel.: +7 (495) 1024242

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