Russian systems cup

Russian systems cup

Orbita cat club
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
Official site:

We regret to inform that the event will not be held on the scheduled dates. New dates of the event will be announced later. 

Project details:

A new project that unites the most popular Russian felinological systems, such as FARUS, ICU, IFA.

Several show venues will feature grand scale shows of pedigree cats to choose the best Russian representatives in the end.

Kittens of the most diverse breeds will come from all across Russia.

Exhibition team:

+7 (903) 619-97-04

Galina Monakhova (“Orbita” cat fan club)

Elena Shevchenko (“Cat Strong” cat fan club, IFA)

Artem Savin (“Bagira” club)

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