Russian Content Marketing 2016

Russian Content Marketing 2016

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a
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Russian Content Marketing is the annual content marketing conference.

On December 2 marketing experts, media professionals, copywriters and bloggers will all gather at the “Russian Content Marketing 2016” conference to get a holistic overview of the content marketing and its tools. This year the conference will touch upon online media and blogs, video and infographics, social media and Internet promotion.

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will hold two activity streams – speeches and workshops, at the same time on December 2. Participants will have an opportunity to select topics of personal interest and simply move around the rooms. They don't need to worry if they miss something important: video materials will be provided to all participants after the event. The following individuals are among the most anticipated speakers:

Denis Savelyev, founder of Texterra integral Internet-marketing agency, will make a speech on “The Practical Aspect of Content-Marketing: What Can You Expect and When” to cover the specifics of building content strategies based on case studies: what types of content and distribution channels will work best and when.

Maxim Ilyakhov, chief editor of “Tinkoff Journal” and author of “Write and Cut” book about editing, will share the sources of topics for interesting articles and hold an hour-long workshop on “How to Make Your Article Readable”.

Dmitry Rumyantsev, organizer of the “Rough Saint-Pete SMM Conference”, will speak about “Commercial and Free Methods for Content Distribution in Social Media” and present a workshop on “Producing Marketable Content for Social Media”.

Ilya Krasilshchik, publisher of “” internet-based media and former chief editor of “Afisha” magazine will hold a workshop on “Do’s and Don’ts in Producing a Media They Will Read”.

Joe Pulizzi, one of the leading global content marketing experts, founder of the “Content Marketing Institute” (USA) will speak about the “Methods to Make the Content Marketing Work” and share the latest research data.

The participants will learn how to use imagery and video content efficiently and create vivid and meaningful infographics, understand the methods to produce content “for both people and robots” considering SEO requirements, and discover the neuromarketing technologies.

The conference will also host an informal communication platform – a Telegram chat will be set up for the participants to simplify business meeting arrangements in the cafe or in the lounge area.

Business ticket holders will have an opportunity to join the neuronetworking – a neuromarketing hands-on session and a cocktail party in one of Moscow’s night clubs.

Tickets are available at the conference website

The conference organizing committee:

Content Exchange Floor
Olga Karulina

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