Roboelka featuring Titan Show, Snowman and Ice Gear

Roboelka featuring Titan Show, Snowman and Ice Gear

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1
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The Main Sci-Fi Christmas Tree of the Country!

The BAL ROBOTOV organizers present a contemporary robotale at Sokolniki Park for children and their parents for the first time in the history of New Years shows.

The icing on the cake will be Titan the Robot, a three-meter heigh British robot loved by many kids and parents all over the world. The Robot has never seen snow yet! Titan the Robot loves to dance, sing, joke and have fun and now it is the first time he is coming to Moscow to be company for Russian children and make the New Year celebration enjoyable as never before. Titan the Robot plans to deliver an exclusive New Year performance for kids; he also invited some other robots to the event and of course, he didn’t forget about Father Frost and the Snow Maiden who are to assist him in searching for Christmas!

Children will find themselves in a science fiction laboratory which is led by the incredible Titan the Robot. They will have to find solutions to a bunch of quizzes and many scientific puzzles to make the Christmas Miracle happen! The programme features: Titan the Robot’s interactive show, karaoke with robots, scientific tricks and transformations, Father Frost’s robolaboratory, Christmas robofair, and many other robo-interesting things!

The ROBOELKA will cover 1,000 square meters of space divided into the EDUTAINMENT zones which offer educational and entertaining activities. The interactive show-programme lasts 2 hours.

The New Year mixture of electricity and magic!

Titan the Robot:

— the three-meter heigh robot from England which is featured in live performances of many singers (Rihanna, Will Smith and so on)
— the robot to take your breath away and make you feel excited
— the robot to entertain and intrigue you
— the robot you want to meet again and again!

More than 50,000 children have already met Titan the Robot and want to see him again.

The admission for children under 3 years is by the parent’s ticket. The recommended age for independent attendance is from 7 years.

A small ROBOCAFE to taste good food is located in the interactive zone. There is also a holding zone for parents who are not attending the event. Parents can get children prepared for the event and wait for them after. Our animators will help children find their place in the hall and will make sure everyone is safe.

The ROBOELKA sessions:

Period: from December 16th to January 11th.
Time: 12:00, 15:00, 19:00.
Note: session hours on December 31st: 12.00; January 1st: no sessions.

The presentation and interactive programme last 2 hours altogether, where 50 minutes are given for the performance of Titan the Robot, Farther Frost and the Snow Maiden which children watch sitting.

Seating capacity: 700 people

The Gift: a unique wooden robot-transformer and the CUBOT puzzle which transforms into a cube and back (exclusively presented in Moscow only at ROBOELKA); plus a set of chocolates in a beautiful package (300 g). The Gift can be purchased separately from the ticket with a coupon.

The Gift will also be for sale at the ROBOELKA at the price of 750 rubles.

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Anna, Natalia
Tel. +7 925 878 0342

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