The Joy of Life: 2-day practical seminar on meditation techniques

The Joy of Life: 2-day practical seminar on meditation techniques

regional Rangjung Yeshe Buddism Centre
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1
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04/08 - 05/08 — from 10:00 till 18:00

About the seminar:

Mingyur Rinpoche has developed a step-by-step meditation training programme, adapted for the West. This seminar – The Joy of Life – serves as the first stage of this programme. You will learn basic meditation techniques, harness the concept of “mindfulness” and understand how it changes the way you experience the present moment.

You will see how the comfort of your mind affects the manifestation of the natural kindness, love and wisdom that are part of our nature and analyse the major pitfalls you may fall into while practicing. You will also receive guidance to practice the programme on your own, and get a chance to visit support sessions at the Tergar centre in Moscow.

This is for you if...

...You chose to learn meditation and wish to sort through the methods, techniques and philosophies.

...You have started practicing and intend to deepen your experience and understanding through direct instructions from an expert. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche is a star of the new generation Tibetan Buddhism and author of the bestselling Buddha, Brain and Neurophysiology of

Happiness, and Joyful Wisdom. Rinpoche bears an unusual talent to be able to present the wisdom

of ancient Tibetan traditions in an original and fascinating manner. Thanks to his ability to combine depth of thought and easy presentation, complemented by a sophisticated sense of humour, he has become popular among

followers of contemplative practices all over the

world. Most importantily, Rinpoche looks at his life experience from the point of view of modern scientific studies, basing that on the results of meditation practices.

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