Old-Timer Gallery, an exhibition of retro cars and technical antiques

Old-Timer Gallery, an exhibition of retro cars and technical antiques

Retrograd LTD
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 2, 11
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07/03 - 09/03 — from 10:00 till 19:00
10/03 — from 10:00 till 17:00

Old-Timer Gallery is a unique show that teleports you into the good old days of times long gone featuring hundreds of curious technical inventions, long forgotten funny contraptions, and awesome designer solutions. A real gold mine of mechanical culture of the 19th and 20th centuries, a living history of the bygone epochs.

The few days of the Fixed Event Period transform a vast exhibit hall into a Town of the Past. Russian and foreign antique salons and boutiques present: vintage furniture, paintings, chinaware, bronze, clothes, jewelry, weapons, military orders, medals, books, and securities – the stuff no antique connoisseur can miss. Here you will find all sorts of “automobile souvenirs”: scale models, postcards, photographs, books, magazines, badges, antique accessories, and other collector’s items. Not a single true retro style lover leaves without a purchase.

Old-Timer Gallery has been Russia’s only and Europe’s largest professional exhibition of technical antiques since 2002. Old-Timer Gallery is a rare opportunity for professionals and amateurs to contemplate hundreds of unique artefacts in one place. The most successful retro market players will present their latest products for the 22nd time featuring hottest premiers, surprises, and sensations. As usual, the old-timers will star the show. Old-timers are cars manufactured before mid-twentieth century. Today vintage cars and all related goods are an energetic complex industry in Russia, revolving around Old-Timer Gallery.

Old-Timer Gallery will see collection bureaus and private collectors demonstrate their new acquisitions. Restorers will show both the fruits of their toilsome labours and the cars currently under renovation. Russian classic car clubs will proudly present the prizes won in Russia and abroad. The exhibition features emissaries from Belgium, Germany, Italy, the USA, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, etc. The Russian old-timer market arouses genuine interest among experts around the world.

Old-Timer Gallery is not only vintage cars but also the delicate atmosphere of bygone times, their true spirit and inimitable texture. The event can virtually “resurrect” any given epoch making its guests true time travelers. The special Old-Timer Gallery air has won fame for old car collectors and lovers do not shun other passions and pastimes: the exhibition abounds in elite liquor and cigar sampling, vintage fashion shows, flea markets, live music, and stylish dance performances adding more delicacy and charm to the event.

is the anniversary of the 1959 National American Exhibition held at Exhibit Hall 2, Sokolniki Park, an international event of international scale and a hallmark of the Cold War Soviet-American relations. Thus, Exhibit Hall 2 became the face of the centre. It is here that the famous 1959 Kitchen Debate between Nikita Khrushchyov and Richard Nixon took place. Therefore it is symbolic that the spring Old-Timer Gallery will unfold inside the very exhibit hall that hosted today’s old-timers, the luxurious cars that were referred to as “unthinkable wonders” and “latest technology” fifty-five years ago. A special exposition celebrating the National American Exhibition anniversary will feature photographic and video footage, booklets and posters, as well as surviving cars of the 1959 exhibition found and restored especially for Old-Timer Gallery. The visitors will have a unique opportunity to travel through time half a century back to the romantic era of courageous space pioneers, revolutionizing discoveries, and big luxurious cars.


Antique Cars
Elegance and classics, authenticity and luxury, nostalgia and style: unique, legendary, iconic cars of old, winners of best motor shows and toughest races, heartbreakers, dreams unattainable of entire generations, the history of the automobile age embodied in metal.

The world of old things, real treasures of bygone times: items of furniture, paintings, books, weapons, sculptures, bronze articles, chinaware, drawings, graphics, military antiques, vintage clothes, and accessories.

Collector’s, radio-controlled, collapsible scale models of old and modern cars alike. Ship, avia, railroad modeling. Battle dioramas, small arms copies. Lots of pleasure for adults and children alike. Something more than a hobby – a world of creativity and great discoveries.

Contemporary masters’ works inspired by the motor and technical retro theme. Solo exhibitions of eminent car photographers. Art galleries, design studios.

Luxury and Style
The visitors are especially fond of luxury companies’ expositions for old car collectors do not shun other passions and pastimes: elite liquors, cigars, golf, haute couture, exclusive real estate and insurance services, private banking, interior and landscape design solutions saturate Old-Timer Gallery.

Motor Souvenirs
Souvenirs, mechanic toys, motorsport regalia, rare postcards, photographs, posters, time trodden plates, collector’s items, motorsport trailblazers’ clothes and personal belongings. A unique flea market typical of any similar event in Europe and the USA.

Supercars and Tuning
Prestigious and exclusive cars, eccentric and aggressive shapes, powerful sport engines, tuning, accessories, not-like-the-Joneses and not-for-the-Smiths cars.

Finished and semi-finished works by prominent restoration studios, an opportunity to get a piece of expert advice, to place a restoration order of any degree of difficulty or to just marvel at the old-timers “guts”.

Motor Mechanics
Modern technology in car restoration and repairs. Engine, body restoration, wooden parts replacement, cabin tailoring, coating, original car parts, replica-parts manufacturing, restoration materials, current repairs and diagnostics, autocosmetics, tools and professional literature. All these things are indispensible for restoring a retro car to its former glory and splendour.

Historical Expositions
The past and future of legendary brands, engineering evolution, a unique opportunity to feel the pulse of progress and watch every stage of the evolution – decade after decade – from ancient museum anachronisms to mind-blowing concept cars of the future.

Museums and Clubs
Classic car owners’ clubs, museums and private collections, and organizers of historic rally races, festivals and meetings are the most creative participants of the exhibition. Their vivid, whole-heartedly and imaginatively created, eye-catching expositions leave no one unmoved.

A parallel mechanized universe, a beautiful world of fantasy where mechanics dominate human lives instead of electricity, bronze instead of plastic, riveting instead of welding, dirigibles instead of plains, steam instead of internal combustion. This universe is inhabited by oblivious romantics who watch exotic movies, listen to strange music, and equip themselves with odd things.


Moscow 127560, PO box #94
+7 495 505 5330
+7 909 939 1850
SKYPE: panushka1

Exhibition Director:
Natalia Panina

PR, Advertising, and Client Manager:
Yelena Samsonova

Special Projects and Client Manager:
Yulia Parfyonova

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