OGE / Oil spills

OGE / Oil spills

MVK as part of the ITE Group
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia

About the project:
Is the only specialized exhibition in Russia dedicated to oil spills and petroleum products elimination technology.

The main objective of the exhibition is to demonstrate equipment and technology of the field, the formation and implementation of common policies for the prevention and elimination oil spilling, as well as firefighting appliances. OGE is designed to promote international and interregional relations between specialists working in this field, and to provide professionals the most comprehensive information on trends in this direction.

A scientific and practical conference, Research and Development for the Prevention of oil spill response and mitigation, is also to be provided within the exhibition.

Exhibition subjects:
Technics and technologies of liquidation emergency oil spills, firefighting appliances.

Main exhibition sections:

  • Technology and means of fire prevention and suppression on the oil and gas facilities;
  • Emergency and rescue equipment, protective equipment in the field of industrial safety;
  • Complex systems of fire detection, gas contamination control and fire fighting;
  • Equipment for cleaning tanks and rail tanks, sludge recycling, reclamation areas;
  • Special clothing and personal protective equipment, riot gear for firefighters and rescuers;
  • Environmental monitoring, environmental protection, assessment of natural and technological hazards;
  • Technology and means of neutralization, processing, utilization and regeneration of collected oil and petroleum products, waste sorbents;
  • Localization tools and means, collection and liquidation of oil spills;
  • Complex technology of oil spill response;
  • Information and GIS technology in emergency situations;
  • Regulations and guidance documents regarding the organization of activities for the prevention and elimination of oil spills;
  • Normative and methodical documents in the prevention and suppression of fires and oil spills;
  • Training.

Organizing Committee:
Maria Smirnova, Exhibition Projects Manager
Tel./Fax: +7 495 925 3419, ext. 417
E-mail: sma@mvk.ru

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