ISET / Interinstrument

ISET / Interinstrument

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1
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ISET / Interinstrument – 2008

March, 15th-17th 2008
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre

Ladies and gentlemen!
We invite you and your company to participate in
The 8th International specialized Exhibition for professional and household tools of all types.

MVK International Exhibition Company


  • Sets of tools and accessories for different industries and the household
  • Tools and devices for hot working.
  • Tools for cold pressure treatment.
  • Tools for cutting treatment:
    1. Metal-cutting tools: cutters, form cutters, broaches, screw drills, shell counter borers, tap borers, die-heads, etc.,
    2. Woodworking machine tools: turning, planing, milling, sanding, etc.
    3. Stoneworking machine tools and etc. 
  • Tools for manual work:
    1. Bench-work and fastening tools.
    2. Dynamometric tools.
    3. Power-actuated tools: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, with internal combustion engine, etc.
  • Abrasive, hard-alloy and diamond tools and abrasive materials: diamond wheels, grinding bands, diamond needle files, etc.
  • Devices and auxiliary tools:
    1. universal tooling, pallets;
    2. vice, rotary tables, tool carriers and screw devices.
  • Tool materials.
  • Coolants
  • Special tools for:
    1. Construction.
    2. Painting and coating.
    3. Car repair works.
    4. Medicine.
    5. Lumber complex.
    6. Stoneworking.
    7. Glass, ceramics and plastic treatment.
  • Equipment:
    1. For welding works: electric, gas, plasma, laser.
    2. Compressor: with electric motor drive, with combustion engine drive.
    3. Equipment for air preparation,
    4. Equipment and technologies for tools’ manufacturing and renovation.
    5. Installations and devices for application of decorative coating and painting.
  • Small-size equipment and machinery for park design and garden works
    1. Grass and bush cutters, lopping shears, clippers, pruning scissors, shredders, rippers, hoes, rakes, etc.
  • Equipment and component parts for drain, irrigation and cleaning
    1. Water pumps, aerators, sprayers, high-pressure cleaners, etc.
  • Special gear and individual protection facilities
  • Packaging and equipment for tools’ storage:
    1. Stationary, mobile
  • Standardization and quality control systems
  • Certification of tools and equipment, certification systems and schemes 

Organizing Committee:
Exhibition Director:
Maria Smirnova
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, +7 495 935 8100 ext. 6248

Project manager:
Gazaryan Raisa 
Tel.: +7 495 925 3419

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