International Cat Festival in Sokolniki

International Cat Festival in Sokolniki

The T.E. Pavlova Association of Siberian Cats Lovers (Moscow)
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1
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20/05 - 21/05 — from 11:00 till 17:00


No other than cats will become the central characters of this exhibition!

Cats of various breeds and coat patterns, starting from the most well known and through to the rarest and exotic animals from the best catteries in Russia and abroad.

Amazing Maine Coons and their ear tufts, mysterious Persians, arrogant Siberians, elegant Sphinxes and dignified British Shorthairs.

Our Festival will feature the following:

  • blue, green or odd-eyed, tailed or tailless, hairless, curly or longhaired cats;
  • selection of the best breed representative;
  • selection of the best among the best;
  • a chance to meet a kitten of your dream and make a new friend (new owner may expect some presents);
  • pet items fair where you can buy feeds, toys, carriers, chasers, litter, grooming tools and other useful and nice accessories;
  • children’s playground where your kids can spend time drawing the cats they loved, playing dough or taking part in various contests.

See you at the Festival!


Phone: +7-926-233-12-21, (Marina),
Phone: +7-903-796-38-41, +7-985-905-32-36, (Valentina)

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