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Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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11/02 - 13/02 — from 10:00 till 19:00
14/02 — from 10:00 till 17:00

Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2016

A Holiday for Craft Lovers!

This is the second time the Craft Formula fair has been devoted to St. Valentine’s Day! It is not surprising because crafts are primarily driven by love for creativity, the entire world, and loved ones. That is why Craft Formula represents more than just ideas, creative projects, warm meetings, and new business opportunities. It is also a wonderful holiday filled with love and inspiration!

The 15th Anniversary of the International Trade Fair Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2016 will be held from the 11th till the 14th of February at Sokolniki ECC. It is the largest event in Russia dedicated to different kinds of crafts and creative hobbies. Materials and tools for all kinds of crafts, as well as handmade works, will be presented in Pavilion 4 and 4.1 of Sokolniki ECC and will cover a total area of 9,000 sq. m.

For industry professionals every Craft Formula exhibition is a great opportunity to form useful contacts, make a name for themselves within the craft market, find suppliers and distribution channels, conclude contracts, effectively exchange experience, move to a new stage of the company’s development in the craft and creative hobby industry.

The participants will be invited to one of the most important Russian craft events, the announcement of the results of the annual National Award in the Craft Industry Golden Button contest which finds the best participants (companies and public figures) and rewards them for their work and significant contribution to the development of the industry of crafts, hobby and creative work, as well as social infrastructure of the modern man’s leisure time and hobbies in Russia for the last year. On the 11th of February we will know the names of those who were the most active, demanded and popular within the craft market, which trademark can be trusted and whose opinion we should listen to in the year of 2015! The FASHION ACCENT contest will be organized in support of this event for those who attend the fairs or are only planning to. In order to take part in the contest, participants should send photos with hair accessories made using any craft technique. The only condition is that the accessory should be decorated with buttons.

Those interested in crafts will certainly be looking forward to every fair as they can replenish their supplies, see the new works of their favourite craftsmen and, of course, learn about the new things which have appeared on the craft market and how to make the most of them! You can find materials and kits for embroidery, sewing, knitting, decoupage, decorating, painting, toy making, soap making, ornaments, scrapbooking, patchwork, and quilling, as well as a lot of books on crafts.

Moreover, within the framework of the business programme visitors will be able to learn how to become a professional and start their own craft business. The Craft Startup project is aimed at entrepreneurs, craftsmen and creative people aspiring for professional development and looking to set up a successful business. Do you have a lot of questions on how to conduct business? Do you have the desire to grow and develop? Then take part in our educational programme!

The business programme will include the lectures delivered by art historians on the history of crafts. Experts will arrange a fascinating journey from the past to the present during which you will learn a great deal of interesting historical facts, useful craft techniques and the intricacies of the framing art.

There will be daily workshops for adults and children at the creative ground of the Craft Formula club (more than 50 workshops will be held every day!), as well as colourful shows, contests with prizes, and fashion shows on the stage.

Almost the whole pavilion at the fair will be dedicated to professionally made works! You will be able to see and buy gifts for your family and yourself which will not only be beautiful but also useful. For example with every year there are more and more exclusive clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories presented at the fair. You will also find a lot of interesting things for children and interior design. The best thing is that if you like a piece of work, you will be able to buy all the necessary items to try your hand at this particular technique.

It goes without saying that for every fair the team of the Craft Formula prepares new special projects.

Since the spring fair will be a special anniversary (as Craft Formula will have been held for the 15th time), we decided to dedicate it to a very important topic: the traditions in crafts. The word ‘tradition’ is derived from the Latin ‘tradere’ – ‘to pass’. This is the very essence of crafts which like precious heritage is passed from one century to another, from hand to hand, from parents to children. Crafts can be fashionable, innovative, and ground-breaking, but they are still based on the moment when your mother helps you to thread a needle for the first time. Perhaps that is why crafts which are separated from us by hundreds of years seem intuitively close and understandable? At the Craft Formula fair you will have a chance experience it all. Various kinds of traditional crafts, including traditional Russian dolls, folk costumes in a modern light, ancient Chinese paintings, and much more will be displayed! You will see a colourful exposition of the Krasny Sarafan club of the Kuntsevo Folklore Centre (Moscow). This artistic association that continues folk traditions unites craftsmen, amateur and professional artists to make costumes and accessories, everyday objects and interior items, as well as dolls on the basis of folk art traditions. Yulia Naumova, the founder of the School of Chinese Painting Dikaya Sliva, the founder and artistic director of the Academy of Chinese Painting named after Y. Naumova, will present an exposition of traditional Chinese ink wash paintings Traditional Chinese Painting of Gohua. Yulia’s works have often been highly appraised by the audience and critics at various exhibitions, and now the visitors of the spring event will also be able to admire the painter’s works. The topic of traditions in crafts will also be supported by the batik exposition arranged by the Moscow SBEISVE College of Decorative-Applied Art named after Carl Faberge. They will present works based on Russian folk crafts.

Be sure to visit the stands of the contests representing the theme of dance in embroidery. At the Dance in Embroidery contest masters and beginners will be among the participants. Each piece of embroidery they create reflects the soul of a dancer and strives to open up the magic of the dance.

Craft Formula offers to plunge into creative work and take part in the patchwork contest Beautiful Spring. On the 14th of February you will be able to see the works of the participants who will demonstrate the beauty of a traditional patchwork mosaic.

If you hear music, hurry to the stage. Every day of the fair will have dance performances, by both children and adults! Moreover, the organizers decided to continue the tradition of the fair of arranging a dance flashmob when craftwork professionals led by the Craft Formula project coordinator and inspirer Elina Fedyantseva appear on the stage with a new lively dance. The previous dance was a pantomime of the art of felting, this time the dance will depict the process of creating a patchwork quilt!

We also invite you to visit the specialized zones which have already become a regular feature! If you are tired and feel like having a snack, Pavilion 4.1 contains the Tasty handmade zone, which has a food court, exclusive sweets and green products, as well as professional kitchenware!

If you happen to be a parent of the most artistic children in the world, don’t miss the Gift for Mum stand. Here you will be able to learn what else you will be able to make together with your children and what craft they will manage to do without your help! In addition to this there will be a children’s area with animators and cheerful workshops for the little ones. You will also be able to participate in the charity projects of the Garden of Good Deeds, such as take part in the prizes-for-all lottery or buy the works of the artists; the money will go to the children in need.

Another section of the fair will be dedicated to the important issue of framing. There will be a special area called the Framing Formula where guests will be able to talk with the masters of embroidery and other kinds of framing. The experts specializing in this field will hold a number of workshops and explain how to make the framing of your embroidery not only interesting but also artistic and unique.

Exhibitors will have a chance to demonstrate their talents in a new competition – a spring composition with live or artificial flowers.

The spring event will be arranged in cooperation with the general information partners, the BURDA magazine and the web-site. The Burda magazine is world-famous, well-known to all women who want to be a model of impeccable taste to others. Thanks to the news of many visitors will be able to broaden their knowledge of sewing, needlework, crafts, styles, and fashion.

The Craft Formula fair is a real holiday for those who are in love with crafts and those who want to brighten up their lives and find new ideas. Please come along, we are sure you will find it fascinating!

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