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Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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29/09 - 01/10 — from 10:00 till 19:00
02/10 — from 10:00 till 17:00

Fresh and brisk autumn 2016 brings the start of a new season in the crafts industry!

From September 29 to October 2, Moscow Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre hosts the XVI International Trade Fair “Craft Formula Moscow: Autumn 2016”. All summer different companies, shops and craftsmen were preparing for the fair and are now ready to present their latest novelties at the autumn trade fair “Craft Formula”.

It is the biggest Russian event devoted to various kinds of handwork hobbies. In all, 528 participants – big and small manufacturing companies, distributors, craftsmen, craft schools and studios will present their products in two exhibit halls, with a combined total area of 9000 sqm. Craft materials of large companies and shops will be displayed in exhibit hall 4, while exhibit hall 4.1 will present mainly craftsmen, craft studios and online-shops.

What differs “Craft Formula” from other fairs of this kind? Due to its scale, you can have a complete overview of the Russian craft industry. For industry experts it is a great opportunity to plan further development strategies, to understand consumer needs and coming trends, and to determine which goods and services are relevant and which are, in fact, out of date. “Craft Formula” is a perfect place to establish contact with other craft industry representatives. Here you can find new partners, suppliers and clients in an informal setting.

The motto of the fair is “Live tastefully!” What is “appetite for life”? It is an art of taking time to enjoy doing what you love! An exciting life, outstanding journeys, inspired projects and meetings, simple pleasures and other things that make our life brighter. To live tastefully is to find something that brings joy and makes your heart beat faster, and never let it go. At “Craft Formula” you can always find something tasteful that brings you joy. It's not only about original special treats, but also about pleasant memories, brand new ideas and a festival atmosphere. And the most important thing is that you get to communicate with people who have already discovered their own recipe of the delicious life and now are willing to share it with you! To buy something at the fair is one reason to visit, but “Craft Formula” is also an opportunity to learn new techniques, broaden your horizons, familiarize yourself with the novelties in technologies and design and last but not least – to get a strong boost of creative energy and inspiration.

Every year craftswomen look forward to “Craft Formula” as if it were a holiday, and every time “Craft Formula” team does its best to make it a success. So, what have the organizers prepared this time?

First of all, great news for fashion and needlework lovers! BURDA Publishing House, BURDA Style Academy and Fancywork Formula will run a special project, “BURDA. Needlework, Fashion and Style”. There will be a unique interactive platform of workshops and lectures on sewing and design, style and fashion tendencies, consultations from BURDA and external experts, contests, fashion shows and also partners' showcases. The highlight of the platform will be an exhibition of vintage clothes made with patterns from BURDA magazine. Every decade since the foundation of BURDA House in the 50’s will be represented by an elegant dress. On the main exhibition stage there will be a fashion show featuring the winners of the contest “BURDA Podium” , wearing clothes sewed using patterns from the magazine. Fans of the magazine will have the opportunity to meet its editor-in-chief Marianna Makarova!

Secondly, new wonders have been prepared for you by Russian felt masters! The festival “Modern felt” organized together with the shop and studio “The Little Chest” will be held as a part of the exhibition for the third time. The main goal of the festival is to give its guests an opportunity to see all the aspects of felt craft, to learn about various felting tools and working techniques and to meet the real professionals in this field.

The craftsmen exhibition stands will display the latest felt trends. There you can buy extraordinary clothes, gifts, basic and exclusive felting materials, as well as get acquainted with the masters. This is a real transformation workshop! Lots of people come to this trade fair thinking they are not ready to wear extraordinary designer clothes, but leave with a new outfit!

Another big theme of the festival is interior usage of felt . For several years felt craftsmen have also been decorating their homes. This time you will see the exhibition “Music of the Soul”, where not only clothes and home decoration will be presented, but also the works of the 15 “Felt game” contest finalists. This time the craftsmen have decided to dazzle everyone with tenderness, by a contest called “Cat's metamorphosis”. As the name implies, it is about those who purr, prey upon mice and disappear leaving only a smile hanging in the air. Another felt area is called “Suburban style”, where the authors will present a big collection of felt craftworks for country house decoration. And last but not least – the “Big Woolen Tournamen”t will take place during the festival. The knights of felt will be armed with felting tools instead of spears and shields, while the audience will peer into secrets of the masters' and support their favorite team!

Such a flood of impressions will surely stimulate your appetite! No need to worry about that, “Tasty handmade” is a special food court that will please everyone, whether you want to broaden your cooking horizons or just have a bite. In every small cafe you will find something special you’ve never tasted before. Sicilian pastries, sage coffee, Lak pies, bumble-bee honey and what not! Those who won't be able to visit the fair won't be left deprived! There will also be delicious take-away - homemade chocolate and granola, organic and herbal tea, pies, gingerbread, Eco-food and a wide variety of honey. “Tasty handmade” is an area for those who are into cooking. Don't forget to check the organic spices stand. Once you know how cinnamon really smells, your life won't be the same! A wide range of cookware for professionals will also be presented. All guest will have a chance to take part in cooking workshops.

The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"” has prepared an interesting exhibition: “Traditions of Estate Craftwork - Floristics”. It will exhibit herbariums collected by florists from the museum's arts and crafts department. Floristic compositions and copies of Tolstoy family photos recreate the estate's spirit – the atmosphere of a light peaceful corner of noble life. At the museum's stand you can learn more about Tolstoy family traditions and get information about the museum's excursions. Those who love history may be interested in attending the meeting with the author of the book “Russian Estate Craftwork: NOBILIS Culture”. The book will be introduced by S.I.Lyakisheva, the research assistant of the museum.

The visitors come to our trade fair to spend time with like-minded people, to find new ideas and inspiration and buy materials. However, it won't hurt to have a rest from the search. Craft Formula organizes “The Leisure Gallery”. This is the area that all of you wanted so much to see at our fair. “The Leisure Gallery” is a place for pleasant talks and inspirational meetings with the participants.

For example, there you will find the exhibition “Russian cities”, which will be presented by the participants of the similarly-named contest. There you can not only feast your eyes on beautiful embroidery, but also learn more about all the pictured places. There you can enjoy viewing fancy clothes for children made of Gutermann fabrics as well as works by the young generation of craftswomen that have participated in the contest “School break”. The topic of cooking is continued in the table-napkin contest “Scrappy lunch”, and the designers contest “Live tastefully”. You will be surprised to see what designers can make out of an ordinary teapot!

The motive of traditions is extended in the small exhibition “Create your own botanic work”, presenting accessories and interior designs based on the needlework patterns created as a part of the “Fancywork Formula” and “Tsaritsyno” museum collaboration project “Engravings Upon the Canvas”.

The “Fancywork Formula” magazine's salon is adjacent to the Leisure Gallery. The magazine is now being issued in a new format and the first issue is about vintage fashion. At this stand you can have a photoshoot in costumes and in vintage settings, take a chance in a lottery, take part in workshops, chat with representatives of craftwork companies, designers , and have a look at the new issue of “Fancywork Formula”.

At our fair you can make beautiful things with your own hands! The creative area of the “Fancywork Formula” club will hold a series of exciting workshops by the best Russian craftsmen and craftswomen for beginners as well as experienced masters. From morning to evening there will be up to 20 workshops where you can broaden your horizons, master new techniques, or keep children busy while you explore the fair. During the four exhibition days there are going to be more than 200 various lessons!

Those who are thinking of starting up a craft business will enjoy attending a special business programme “Craft Startup”. The topic of the upcoming workshop is “From Hobby to Business: A Systematic Approach”. This will present nothing but practical information, the best business ideas, true success stories and recommendations from the industry experts!

Frame makers will reveal their professional secrets and talk about needlework framing specificity.

Make sure to visit the stand of the fancywork industry contest “The Golden Button”, where you can inquire as to which companies are going to participate this year. And, of course, you can take part in the charity project “The Garden of Good Deeds”, by buying an all-prize lottery ticket, for example. Money from the lottery will be spent on children’s medical treatment.

A trade fair “Craft Formula” is real art-therapy! Surrounded by creative enthusiastic people, you will forget all your daily worries, and fill your mind with fresh ideas and plans to make your life more tasteful! For the professionals, “Craft Formula” is a great opportunity to communicate with colleagues, make new contacts, check out works by other craftsmen, and find partners for new projects.

This autumn fair will be conducted with the support of the prime media partner – BURDA magazine. BURDA is a globally renowned magazine, popular among the fashionable and stylish women all over the world.

See you at the autumn “Craft Formula” in Sokolniki!




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