First Open Enrolment Day – Come and Enter

First Open Enrolment Day – Come and Enter

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Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1
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from 11:00 till 17:00

June 29, 2019, exhibit hall 4.1 at Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will hold an exhibition titled The Open Enrolment Day to let those leaving school choose where they wish to continue their education, and apply immediately. No more running around admission boards or researching dozens of websites to find a good fit, enrolment details or required scores – all of the above one can now be found at one venue.

An initial consultation area will be set up, where experts from will help recommend an educational facility based on the graduate’s talents and their score on the Uniform State Exam, while institutes and colleges will present information about the enrolment and education process, prospects of certain specialties, teaching staff, dormitory conditions and other important aspects.

Lecture halls will hold vivid presentations of the facilities partaking in the exhibition. Experts will talk about relevant occupations, distinctions and the benefits of studying in a college or an institute, as well as about the next steps for those who failed at their first attempt to enrol.

The event is sponsored by educational portal, the organizer of the Moscow Career Guidance Day annual forum.

The Open Enrolment Day is a great opportunity for those who value their time and prefer getting clear-cut information first hand. Come and enter! 

Admission free, registration required

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