Festival of coffee, tea, and chocolate

Festival of coffee, tea, and chocolate

The Coffee and Tea in Russia magazine
Fountain Square, Sokolniki Park, Moscow, Russia
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24/08 - 25/08 — from 10:00 till 20:00

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The festival of coffee, tea, and chocolate is a true celebration of taste! 

On August 24-25 one of the most picturesque parks in Moscow, Sokolniki Park, will host a festival named  “Coffee, Tea, Chocolate,” a true celebration of diverse tastes, sweets, and positivity. The event will offer quality time in a special environment, and the opportunities to gain new knowledge, and also to taste new offers of tea, coffee, and chocolate from various countries. 

The festival will include an eventful programme featuring workshops and tastings, activities for all ages, a wide range of coffee, tea, and sweet tastes, and an unlimited amount of positive emotions and cheer. A special interactive venue named “ProKoChay” will tell about the secrets of choosing and brewing ideal hot beverages, recipes for healthy desserts, and also offer tastings of coffee and tea based summer cocktails, prize draws and quizzes. 

The festival will also host a selection of interactive areas:

  • “Children” area will feature workshops for children and spaces for edutainment games and contests.
  • “Energy” area for sport and fitness.
  • “The Planet of Coffee and Tea” that focuses on the specifics of tea and coffee cultures of various nations and peoples. 

Both Russian and international manufacturers will take part in the festival, putting on display coffee, tea, chocolate, honey, tasty bakery, and other sweets. 

Admission for all ages and activities are free of charge.

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Coffee and Tea in Russia

Berzarina 36 build 2, office 214, Moscow 123060, Russia
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e-mail: info(at)coffeeteafest.ru 

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