Festival of Clubs for Young Families in Moscow

Festival of Clubs for Young Families in Moscow

Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a
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Official support:
The Community Council of the City of Moscow , Urban Coordinating Council of public and charity organizations providing assistance to families and children

About the project:
The city "Festival of clubs for young families in Moscow" is held in order to implement family and youth policy, to strengthen the Moscow family institute, as well as to develop family festival movements in Moscow.

The Festival’s objectives and purpose:

  • To Strengthen and support the family institution based on the revival and further development of spiritual values, creativity and family traditions of young families in Moscow;
  • To continue focused work on the full support of young families as an important area of family policy in Moscow;
  • To improve and strengthen the role of a young family in the capital’s life, expanding its demographic processes, and supporting motherhood, fatherhood and childhood;
  • To adopt and promote family life, citizenship and patriotism;
  • To create, approve and improve the status of a socially prosperous young family in society;
  • To exchange experiences, as well as to activate and form youth social movements for the joint solution of actual problems;
  • To provide the necessary information support to youth initiatives and undertakings;
  • To establish and expand inter-relationships between social movements of young families, to include clubs for young families in the all-Russian festival movement;
  • To support the establishment and operation of public associations and organizations aimed at achieving family well-being, family socialization and to improve functions of Moscow families;
  • To expand and strengthen positive forms of family entertainment.

The city "Festival of clubs for young families in Moscow" is founded by:

  • Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow and Administration of the Department in Administrative Districts;
  • Public Council of the City of Moscow with the support of UNICEF children’s fund.

An exhibition of the Centers for Social Assistance and stands of the Festival’s Partners to work within the Festival.

The Conference.
1. A Roundtable discussion with participation of Counseling Services to the population, State Facility "The choice", and some social organizations.
2. A training seminar by the "Radius" organization — "Information technology supporting business development for young families"

Organizing Committee:
P. Zorin
Tel.: +7 495 348 4109

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