Dance Trilogy

Dance Trilogy

ORTO All-Russian Dance Organization
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a
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The 10th international training congress of teachers and performers

«Dancing Trilogy”
How to make yourself better and your dancing school a successful business

As many as 112 master-classes for you!!!

The 10th international training congress on the most popular modern dancing directions nowadays will take place in Moscow. During the previous 9 forums more than 1700 specialists and dancers got new professional knowledge from world-known masters. Specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Cuba, India, the USA, France, Poland and Italy took part in the training programmes. The lectures and seminars on business programmes made a indisputable leap forward in dancing and children’s educational courses. Participants made a special mention of the seminars and expressed their hope to continue this part of the congress. Last year the project was joined with the work of the UNESCO. This year some new programmes and types of sportive choreography were added into the contest.

All the participants are able to get Certificates on the term that they pass the whole course. They also will get Certificates of the UNESCO Dancing Soviet.

The congress is open for everybody: teachers, dancers, choreographers, producers, functionaries, owners of schools and clubs, etc.

You will be able to buy dancing literature and publications, training programmes on DVD during the congress.

COMPOUND PARTS OF THE CONGRESS (4 parallel rooms will work) 

Russian Hip-Hop and Street Dance Congress

  • Russian Congress on Flamenco
  • Russian Congress on Jazz
  • Russian Congress on National Dancing and Folk Dancing
  • Business programmes and marketing in dancing
  • Russian Congress on Classical Dancing
  • Russian Congress on Bollywood
  • Russian Congress on Modern Dancing
  • Russian Congress on Acrobatic Dancing
  • Russian Congress on Cheerleading
  • Exhibition programme

More than 15 elite teachers from Russia and other countries are invited.
The following foreign specialists confirmed their interest in:

  • Adrean Sanches, Spain – Flamenco
  • Camelia, Egypt – Belly Dance, Oriental
  • Mohammed Shahin, Egypt – Belly Dance, Oriental
  • Thierry Verger Eizra , France – jazz underground
  • Per Hammarlund , Denmark – swing
  • Edoardo Tsiolli, Italy – jazz, show, disco
  • Liz Riffino, USA – cheerleading
  • Hillary Bryan, England/USA – dance movement therapy

We are waiting for more than 500 participants.

Organizing Committee:
Adress: Office 18, Marshal Malinovsky St., Moscow, Russia, 123298
Tel./Fax: +7 499 194 9904

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