Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2019

Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2019

Fancywork Formula
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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14/02 - 16/02 — from 10:00 till 19:00
17/02 — from 10:00 till 17:00

Exhibition theme: My Little World

Cold February makes it vital to cheer up yourself and the family. If you want to know how, come and visit the Craft Formula – the 21st international trade fair, Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2019 is scheduled for February 14-17 in Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre.

A theme for this spring edition of the event, My Little World, was picked for a good reason. Everything in this world, even large cities, houses or oceans, consists of small atoms, each of them carrying its own life. Though we are unable to change the bigger world, there is a little space of our own that we can make warmer, more beautiful and cosy, thus making the big world a bit better and brighter place. So let's do it! All great things start out small.

Craft Formula trade fair is the largest Russian event for handmade and creative hobbies. The exhibition occupies 9000 sq. m. in two exhibit halls, 4 and 4.1, and features materials and tools for all sorts of crafting, creative kits, original handmade items, and crafting books. Almost 600 participants, companies, creative unions and individual crafters, will put on display a wide range of high quality services and goods.

For professionals every Craft Formula is an opportunity to establish great contacts, make a statement in the crafting market, find suppliers and sales channels, enter into contracts, exchange experience, find a new direction for one's company in the industry or in any creative hobby.

Crafters eagerly anticipate every instance of the event to replenish stocks, to see new works by favourite crafters, and, what's most important, to find out what's new in the market from producers and experts, and how they can use it! Craft Formula has motivated many to start their own business, open a workshop or an e-store.

The Craft Formula exhibition is a true festival for those who love crafting, wish to grace their lives or get fresh ideas. Let's join to create beauty filled with warmth and love! Come and visit the exhibition and unlock the secret for an ideal hobby!

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