Black Winter 2019 tournament

Black Winter 2019 tournament

Hobby World
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1
Official site:
Working hours:

23/02 - 24/02 — from 10:00 till 20:00

Attention to all Warhammer fans! Long awaited by thousands, the day has come to take tournaments to a whole new level!

Russian publishing house Hobby World is delighted to announce the Warhammer 40,000 Winter Grand Tournament, dubbed «Black Winter — 2019,» organized jointly with Black Guards, one of Moscow’s oldest hobby centers.

It is time to show the world that Russia is no longer a small-scale community of gaming enthusiasts, but long has had a huge, passionate, and united fan base. For many years, the organizer of the tournament, the hobby center «Black Guards», has been holding the biggest tournaments of the season, attracting participants from all across the country. With the support of Hobby World, Black Winter 2019 will become this year’s key event in the Warhammer universe. Visitors and participants will enjoy a spacious, well-lit venue located in one of the best parks in Moscow. There will be wide media support and coverage as well.

To apply for the tournament, register your team, or find answers to your questions, contact the event organizer at:

— Email:

— Phone: +7 (916) 702 3548

— VK community: For event essentials, announcements, registration, and discussions.

Entry fee: 2,000 RUB for event participants. Perks and discounts for new teams and teams comprised of new gamers!

Free entry for spectators.

The organizers will do their best to help teams travelling from other cities with tickets and accommodation.


— The tournament is a traditional Warhammer 40k team championship. Swiss style pairing, with competitors meeting one-to-one in each tournament round. Team scores are calculated each round, with each individual player contributing to an overall team score.

— There are a total of four rounds. Rounds 1 and 2 will be played on Day 1 of the tournament, and rounds 3 and 4 will be played on Day 2.

— There are 8 players per team, each bringing a 2,000 pt army.

— A Faction is limited to one player per team. Each army can consist of no more than 3 detachments. For the full Faction listing and more information on the above limitations, see the tournament rules and guidelines.

— We use all the latest official source material from Games Workshop, excluding rules and models from Forge World’s Imperial Armour. Books from the Index series may only be used by factions without a codex.

— Missions: a mix of old classics and new updates from Chapter Approved 2018.

— A designated commission will control the appearance of armies. The tournament will also feature a separate best army nomination.

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