Bathhouse & Sauna. Construction and Equipage

Bathhouse & Sauna. Construction and Equipage

Moskau Messe. Exhibitions and Conferences, LLC
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia
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  • Construction and equipage of bathhouses and saunas: frame bathhouses and saunas, bathhouses and saunas at recreational and sports complexes.
  • Building materials, pile foundations, engineering equipment, septic tanks.
  • Furnaces for bathhouses, sauna stoves: wood, gas, electric.
  • Equipment for saunas: infrared cabins, phyto barrels, basins.
  • Cooperage.
  • Spa and beauty products.
  • Accessories for bathhouses and saunas.

Exhibitors: construction companies, stove and fire-places manufacturers, all those producing accessories for bathhouses and saunas.

Visitors: individuals, heads of trade and purchasing companies of Moscow and Russian regions, heads of sports and recreation centers, sanatoriums and rest homes.

Business program:

  • Round table "Construction and development of bath complexes in Moscow: Russian tradition, or a profitable business?"
  • Workshop "Bathhouse in the garden: simple solutions to the complex issue"
  • Competition among visitors "The original bath broom"
  • Photo Competition among visitors "My original bathhouse" supported by Modern House Publishers.
  • Photo exhibition "History of Bath in Moscow"

Organizing Committee:
Alexey Haryutkin, Project Manager
Tel.: +7 495 995 0591, call button 4 or ext. 430
Mob.: +7 916 353 2109

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