Barber Connect Russia + Russian Tattoo Expo

Barber Connect Russia + Russian Tattoo Expo

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Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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31/08 - 01/09 — from 12:00 till 21:00

On August 31 and September 1, 2019, Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will hold two festivals – Barber Connect Russia and Russian Tattoo Expo. 

Between August 31 and September 1 Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will be holding the third iteration of the festival Barber Connect Russia-2019. Similarly to the last year, the event will unite barbers and tattoo artists, offering two parallel programmes — Barber Connect Russia and Russian Tattoo Expo. However, due to the increasing scale of the festival this year it will occupy two venues in neighbouring exhibit halls. Talks by global tattoo artists, workshops by star barbers from USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan and other countries, battles and an exhibition – all of the above will become a centre of attraction for subculture followers of Moscow. 

This year the festival will be themed around a travelling circus, and there is a good reason for that as Barber Connect Russia will turn into a real tent circus to roll out a large-scale knockabout celebration, which expects over 8000 visitors and performances of contemporary barbers and tattoo artists. Entertainment programme, including acrobatic shows, knife throwers and illusionists, burlesque show, and suspension performances, will also contribute to the overall circus feel. 

Barber Connect Russia will invite to Russia 8 headliners, top global award-winning barbers to exchange experience, demonstrate performance, hold workshops and share the tricks of the trade, personal motivation and business management. The list includes, personal Floyd Mayweather's barber Icedoutbarber; founder of Qure Barbershop from Florida Bonez DA GOAT; Famos, innovator, trendsetter and founder of Saint barbershop; renowned Hollywood barber LOUDBARBER, and many more. 

For the third time in a row many people will get a chance to compete for the top rank in barber battles: qualification is scheduled for August 31, while the next day will see finals in the following nominations: “Best scissors haircut,” “Best female barber,” “Free design,” and “The quickest fade.” Invited star barbers will be in charge of refereeing at both stages. To compete in the qualification, please register at the festival website

The agenda of Russian Tattoo Expo promises to be equally eventful – the guest list includes Nikko Hurtado, founder of Black Anchor in Los Angeles; Carlos Rojas, member of Black Anchor Collective; Japanese legends Nissaco and Gakkin; Cristian Casas, expert in neorealism and an adept in mixing the aesthetics of traditional and neo-traditional tattoo; Oscar Hove from Spain, Sam Taylor from Australia, and many more, who will share their success stories, and the tricks of the trade, as well as will referee a tattoo battle to pick winners in the following nominations: Best Backpiece, Best Colors, Black & Grey, and Ornamental. Besides they will pick top artists of each of the two festival days, and the overall festival winner. 

“Last year we attempted to unite barber and tattoo communities, and succeeded. The festival grows bigger and we push boundaries this year: Barber Connect Russia and Russian Tattoo Expo will be hosted in two dedicated exhibit halls to let the people wander around and conveniently observe professionals at work. We invited even more world stars and invented a thought through entertainment agenda. We will be excited to see our regular visitors for the third time, as well as the newcoming barbers and tattoo artists, and all connoisseurs of the unusual aesthetics,» says Kristina Murtuzalieva, the festival founder. 

“The festival grants great experience, it’s like a big party of like-minded people – you can meet new faces, talk to professionals, listen to the stories of other cool tattoo artists, and get a charge of emotions and inspiration for the entire year. I am happy to be a part of Russian Tattoo Expo this year again. It seems to have become a tradition!” commented Nissaco, who will attend the festival in Moscow for the second time this year. 

“Besides gathering many global barbering stars under one roof, I’m particularly interested to see the battle. I believe, it’s a great opportunity for novice barbers to excel and demonstrate their top cuts to make me and all my colleagues say “Hey, you’re cool!” By the way, battle contestants can always offer something to learn from them,” says Famos. 

For agenda and tickets please see the following websites: Barber Connect Russia

Russian Tattoo Expo

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