English as a second language Fair Moscow | ESLF

English as a second language Fair Moscow | ESLF

Moskau Messe. Exhibitions and Conferences, LLC
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
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About the project:

The main purposes:

  • To showcase the different forms of studying the English language in Russia and abroad;
  • To provide an excellent opportunity for prospective students to meet university representatives, to discuss issues about degree programmes and university life in general and to pick up prospectuses and other information about Education institutions;
  • To develop and strengthen the English language’s culture as an important tool for social development;
  • To integrate Russia into the global society;

Exhibition sections:

  • English courses
  • Language schools
  • Higher educational institutions
  • English abroad
  • English for professionals
  • Remote education (on-line)
  • Tourism
  • Training of interpreters
  • Advanced training
  • Purpose-designed literature
  • Multimedia
  • Educational and lingaphone equipment
  • Language consulting


  • Pre-school educational institutions
  • Russian centres for studying English
  • Foreign educational institutions
  • Magnet schools
  • Higher educational institutions
  • Centers for remote education
  • Companies providing translating services
  • Companies providing language consulting
  • Developers of software for studying English
  • Media
  • Companies developing lingaphone equipment.


  • End-consumers. During the exhibition, every consumer has a unique possibility to get an objective assessment of his or her own knowledge of English and choose the best forms of studying.
  • Corporate consumers. CEOs, heads of Hiring companies have a chance to evaluate the benefits of corporate training and choose the best option.
  • Specialists (linguists, interpreters, English teachers) have the opportunity to analyze the market, to find out modern technical means of education and work, exchange views with professionals and colleagues, as well as to participate in professional conferences regarding industry development.

Organizing Committee:
Project head manager
Alexey Kharyutkin
Tel.: +7 495 995 0591 ext. 430
Fax: +7 495 925 3489
E-mail: avh@moskaumesse.com

Branch Head
Temur Babaev
Tel.: + 1 954 937 5934
E-mail: t.babaev.mm@gmail.com

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