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Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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23/11 - 24/11 — from 10:00 till 18:00

About the project:

Only business - nothing superfluous!

All-over-IP Forum is conducted by Grotech Company together with leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and security services, corporate communications, IT and BMS.
All-over-IP Forum provides exhibitors and visitors the best value for time and resources into business activities in Russia.

The exposition is characterized not only the traditional strong composition of major Russian and foreign brands, and experts in the field of video surveillance, but also a strong pull of suppliers of network equipment and solutions for corporate communications. Last occupied in 2010, 68% of exposure and over a quarter of the activities in the business program. More than 30 events of the Forum for the first time in Russia were represented by advanced foreign technology solutions.

A unique combination of technological leadership and experience of successful implementations of suppliers of equipment and services allows professionals of main Russian industries (transportation, finance, oil and gas) and authorities discuss in procurement plans for the coming year.

All-over-IP Forum has taken a place in the Russian and international professional calendar. The number of visitors to the forum doubled in comparison with last year. The list of speakers was replenished by the heads of relevant departments of its customers and the world's top experts in the field of video and corporate communications. Regional composition of the exhibitors and visitors shows that the Forum plays an important role in the technological modernization of Russia.

All-over-IP Expo 2016 is a platform for the distribution of ideas that work and inspire people to create a bright future for their company, product or career. The best brands, best audience, best speakers, best conferences and best exhibition service provide for the best ROI for the exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees.

We look forward to see you at All-over-IP 2016 Forum!

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Groteсh Company
Tel.: +7 495 609 3231, 787 8814

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